2012 Resolutions

Every year I vow not to make resolutions, but always find myself coming back around to making them again and this year is no different.  I have just a few ideas for the New Year and hopefully I can achieve them all with just a little focus.
(1) Re-Organize.
Who doesn't have this on their resolutions. I was the recipient of a Christmas gift that most normal women would think was awful of a washer and dryer. I love them and would talk and blog about forever if you let me. But getting these new lovelies has made my laundry room look, well not worthy of their presences. So I really need to organize and keep up and make it more respectable.
(2) Re-do.
A sewing storage chest from my Husband Grandmother that just needs a little TLC and a new use. I have plenty of things I can store in it, but I have special plans for it.
(2) Re-Use
From my Estate Sale trips this summer and fall, I have accumulated tons of buttons, costume jewelry and other cast off items. I plan to really take a look at everything I have and get my creative juices working and creating some one of kind pieces to enjoy or sell.
(4) Re-style
I am so loving old neck ties and textiles. Not sure why, maybe because there were made in the USA and where of higher quality than those I find today. My brain has been working over time on these ideas since the fall and I think some are winners.
(5) Re-new
I have the need to change and engage in something new. I have almost, thru this blog, determined what my true creative trade is and really need to pursue it since it makes me happy and serene. Time will tell if I am truly correct and I will continue to write and create since that is part of the creative process.
Wishing all my readers the best of everything on 2012.


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