Easy Upcycle Infinity Scarf

People know that I love to upcycle and often give me items that they think I can use. I love that people think of me and have confidence in me that will find a creative reuse for their item. In the past weeks I had been given some lovely scarfs destine for the Salvation Army.
I started with this scarf since it is simple and it is one of my favorite colors.
I picked a Blue Tick fabric to use with it, since it was simple as well.
First I folded the scarf in half and then in half again and pinned.
I sewed it up both sides and then sewed each end to a strip of the Blue Tick that was 50" long and 7" wide that I had zig zagged stitched the edge to keep it from fraying. Lastly I wrapped it around my neck three times and model it!
It is light and warm.
A bit of color for the winter.
And oh So Easy!


  1. Great way to give new life to an accessory! Thanks so much for sharing at the Kiss & Tell party over at my place! :)

  2. Another fun upcycle!! Looks great! Thanks for sharing @'Sew Cute Tuesday'!

  3. This turned out great Janet and I love the colors. Thanks for sharing!


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