Butterfly Pin Revamp

Awhile back I bought a lot of jewelry parts and pieces on Etsy hoping to use some or all its contents for jewelry design. Within the lovely assortment of items was this Butterfly pin.
I removed the faux jewels that adorned its wings as well as it's strange eyes and then didn't know what to do with it until I saw this weeks Sunday Paper.
See at the bottom the Butterfly Necklace! I think I found my inspiration, although I made my necklace the day before this was in the paper.
I used a little bit of Lapis and some glass beads recycle from a vintage necklace.
Added a Gun Metal colored chain since I thought it added interest and gave it a vintage feel.
Then I experimented with moving the chain and placing the pendant off center.
 I think I like the way it looks non-sysmetrical the best.
I wasn't much of a Butterfly Jewelry fan before I made this..
But I love this Butterfly Revamp Necklace


  1. This is a beautiful revamp! I love the Lapis and glass beads. Lovely work!

  2. I love it, too!! Beautiful. Thanks so much for sharing it at the Spring Fling over at I Gotta Create!


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