Paper, Bead and Chain Jewelry

It's been so unseasonably warm this weekend that it is difficult not to start gardening or cleaning up outside, but it is only March. I decided to use this warm sunny day to take numerous photos of the jewelry I have working on and hopefully can sell some day. For a few I used these antique papers that were intended to be used in card making long ago.
Pretty Spring flowers that would be interesting as pendants.
Here is my first attempt.
 I love the flower and paper combination.
Perfect for Spring..
Or for Summer. 
I felt I need to make a few more and one I will show at a later date since it was not photo ready. But this one made from discarded maps came out lovely.
Too bad it is past St Patrick's day since this would have been perfect!
Just a litte Paper,Bead and Chain!


  1. They are both lovely, Janet. You did an alternative sort of gardening! You do amazing work. <3 Thanks so much for linking up!


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