Easy Shamballa Bracelet

I recently got around to sorting my beads and buttons by color and now I can see exactly how many of each color I have.
And after seeing all of these beads I thought I should be using more of them so I decided to make a Shamballa Bracelet after seeing one on a work colleague and thought they looked a little like boondoggle.
First I found a great Tutorial on Videojug.

Second I used some left over statin trim for my bracelet.
Then some Beads that I found at Michaels in the clearance section.
Then I started the Tutorial.
I will advise that they don't give exact measurements on the beginning and end of the bracelet. I can tell you that your knots at the beginning and end should measure about 2cm long and in between your beads it should be about 15mm. I am measuring in metric since it is much easier and more precise. The last step of the closure knots measure about 35mm and once you watch the video you will understand and can measure as you go along. Once it was done it looked fantastic!
And I can't wait to make more and this would be an awesome Christmas present!
It reminds me so much of Boondoggle and summer camp...
I haven't taken it off all weekend!


  1. Oh Janet you've outdone yourself. I am in love with anything black and white and this bracelet is NO exception!

  2. Janet,

    Any clue how I can follow your blog? I'm using Google Reader....

    Also, I'm currently wearing my new wrapped cord bracelet so I expect you to have one as well this week! I used this tutorial: http://www.fusionbeads.com/beadingfaq/techniques.php?bfid=197 It turned out pretty good, but next time I plan to make one that wraps a few times.

    See ya Monday!


  3. Where did you get those beads, or should I say button. They really look cool as Shamballa Bracelet.

    1. They are actually beads with a flat open back. I think they were suppose to be used for a bracelet and I found them at Michaels in the clearance section!


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