A Little Organization, Please!

With my collection of beads,buttons and findings growing for my jewelry creating, I found it necessary to revamp my organization so I could spend less time searching for something.
This was how I was organizing most of my items in mismatch of clear plastic containers and never knowing exactly what I had.
So it was time for a better system.
I looked at a few craft store and found one that I really liked.
This one was at Michael's and for $44.95 I probably could have purchased it with a 50% coupon to get it at a better price. It had a flip top lid and three removable trays. But I knew I could find a better one and at a more reasonable price. And I did!
I found this tool organizer at Harbor Freight for $17.99 and it was on sale for $13.99. Now if you sign up for their newsletter or look online you can find coupons for 20% off.  It is the perfect solution and size. I purchased two since I knew I needed room to expand and could not pass up a great deal.
The top has a extra sturdy handle that flips open for some generous storage. It hides the fact that I can be a little disorganized at times.
 Room for the extras, such as tools,thread,chain and glue.
 The front opens to reveal four removable lidded trays.
Each tray has moveable dividers to make the spaces bigger or smaller depending on the contents.
I labeled each tray with the color of the contents for easy reference so that I only removed the tray that I need when working on a project.
It took me about two days to organize everything but it was totally worth it since I now know where everything is!
and it easily portable!


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