Dollar Store Clipboard Makeover

I search my house for a clipboard this weekend. I know I have one somewhere or I might have given in away, so I made a trip to the Dollar Store since I had a makeover idea.
I pulled together some of supplies from my craft stash, including an old Road Atlas, Mod Podge and adhesive backed felt.
My Clipboard looked awfully sad and cheap and need of a makeover.
I started by finding a map page that was large enough to cover my clipboard and it just happened to be Minnesota.
Next I laid it out over my board and folded where the clip started.
Next I marked it with a pencil on both sides so I knew where to cut.
Drawing a line right to the edge.
Next I cut on the line to the fold and made sure it fit sung.
Then I cut along the fold and cut the top piece so it fit and lined up behind the clip.
Next I covered the entire board with Mod Podge.
And applied the paper,making sure to get out all the wrinkles. Then I flipped it over and folded down all the edges and glued.
Then applied my adhesive back felt to cover up the back.
Add it was done!
 Ready to be used for note and reminders..
or for Jewelry displays...


  1. I love maps! Looks good on the clipboard.
    Thanks so much for linking up at I Gotta Create! <3 Christina

  2. This is a great idea to spice up a boring old clipboard. I've got a few at home that could use a makeover. :)


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