Summer Modern Art Pendants

I love Modern Art and I love recycling so it seems perfectly natural that I should want to create something with a little influence of each. I decided the best way to combine them both would be to create a few pendants.
I started with some Vintage Dominoes,bright colored paper, large jump rings and some pendant bails.
I cut the paper to size and affixed and sealed with Mod Podge. Then I used my jump rings to create designs and then cover it all with Dimensional Magic. Super easy and my pendants were complete.
Geometric and purple
 Stripes and Green

Pink and Lime Green
 So easy and uses leftover scraps and beads.
Just a little Modern Art for your neck!


  1. Love these pendants. I just scored on a big box of domino pieces and wanted to try something like this. You inspire me to start!

    Distressed Donna Down Home

  2. So cool! I love this idea. So glad you stopped by and left the link on my Facebook Page!
    504 Main

  3. Awesome pendants Janet! Thanks for sharing and it's nice to meet another Janet!


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