Estate Sale Tips

Over the summer my husband and I have been to numerous Estate sales. We have not only bought interesting vintage pieces but we have learned a few things as well about these sale. I don't consider myself an expert at finding good deals or negotiating prices, but I have a few tips that might make attending estate sales and little easier and more rewarding.

First don't be afraid to get dirty. Some of the best treasures are buried under a ton of other things. But make sure have some wet naps or hand sanitizer to clean up before you head to another sale.

Secondly, go with a list of specific things you are looking for since you can be easily distract by interesting funiture,clothes and dishes, but thinking about how you will use them or how you will get them home.


Bring a small flash light since some lovey items hidden in dark basements and closets. It also helps for seeing in boxes and containers for hidden gems.


Lastly it's okay to offer a price for something, but make it reasonable and if you really want the best prices go back at closing time or the last day of the sale when the prices are more negotiable.

Hope these tips help with your next Estate Sale trip.




  1. Sounds like fun!
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