Craft Show Recap

This past Sunday I attendend my Very First Craft show as a vendor in about 40 Years. I decided it was time to show the world my creations.
I first packed up my bags the night before and was all ready to leave the house at 8 am.
I packed everything in Vintage suitcases since I could use them for my display.
 I had someone nice compliments not only my jewelry but on my display and mannequins that I made from pillowcases.
I made a few sales but many people took my card and I had numerous hits on my Etsy shop the next few days.
It slowed down at the end of the day since it was a beautiful November day and I am sure people were outside taking advantage of it.
It was fun,exciting and exhausting, since I was coming down with a very nasty cold.
 Now I am getting ready for my next show at the beginning of December,so I need to start working on a few more pendants and possible some leather rings.
It was a great experience and I hope do attend a few more shows in the coming year!


  1. nice work

    best wishes for December

  2. You made those from pillowcases ugh! I love your display and I hope you do well at the Dec. show. There is an energy around the shows that I wish I could bottle to use in feb. when I start moving slow.

  3. Congratulations Janet! Your display looks fantastic. :)

    <3 Christina at I Gotta Create!


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