Merry Christmas Elf Hat

Merry Christmas!

I found myself wanting to make Santa hats for my twin nephews this year at the last minute. When I found this super cute flannel fabric for a steal and thought it would be perfect for the hats, but change them to Elf hats since it fits the boys personalities better!
I was going to make my own pattern since it seem like it would be easy, but ran out of time and used a tutorial from Fun Fleece
It has all sizes of patterns from baby to adult, and was super easy to follow. I tweaked it a bit since I was not using furry fabric and my color scheme was different. I started my making a white pom pom for the top.
This is pretty easy and had to call on my skills from when I was a child and made these with washers from my Father's tool bench. Now all you do is cut two circles about the size of the pom pom you want, cut a circle from the center and a side opening and start wrapping yarn. They come out a little irregular but nothing a trimming with scissors won't fix.
Then I sewed in a Jingle bell and sewed the pom pom in to the hat.
And they were done! I filled them with a few stocking like suffers (markers and flashlights) and gave them to the boys,, I mean Elves!
So cute!
Posing is not fun, but at least we got one photo of them together!
Merry Christmas


  1. I love the pics you got of them. I love the hats, and I love the way they look in them! Thanks from me and the elves!


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