Three Easy Pendant Cords

I have been busy making jewelry and pendants over the last few weeks and have created a few easy pendant cords that can make any pendant look good for just a few pennies.
They are all very simple and only use a few supplies that you might already have
The first one is a satin cord with spring ring closure.
I started with a roll of statin cord,crimp ends and pliers.
I cut the statin cord to about 18" long since this seems to be the correct length for a pendant.
Then I laid the cord in the end and crimped
I crimped the other end the same way and I was almost done.
I then added a spring ring and jump ring for the closure. It was done!
For the Second cord I took a length of Leather and a bead.
I then threaded the bead on to the leather.
 Then tied a knot on each end.
Lastly I tied a loop on one end and made sure that they bead fit thru snuggly.
The Last cord was made from super skinny ribbon and a button
Cut to 20 inches so to leave enough to make the loop and thread thru the button.
Threaded it thru the button and then tied and trimmed on the back.
Then I tied a loop on the other end and trimmed the excess.

They were all super easy and quick to make. 
Less than 10 minutes to make all three.
 With great results!
 Perfect for Gifts!


  1. The button closure is adorable! Never seen that before. I also like how you used keys for the pendants. Creative and cute.


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