Wire Heart Valentines Day Necklace

I am not a huge fan of Heart jewelry but the closer it gets to Valentines Day my opinion seems to change. So I decided to make a little necklace out of some recycled telephone wire and leather strips.
To start the heart I cut two piece of telephone wire about 18" Long.
Next I used a Glitter Heart as my template for the shape of the heart and bent the wire accordingly.
For the center of the Heart I twisted the two wires together about 5 times. You can do this with your hand or you can use a pair of pliers.
I then shaped the bottom of the heart by twisting the ends together

Then I wound the extra back up over the twist to form knob.
I then added a little leather cord and it was done.  I made a second one by stringing a few faux pearls on the wire and wrapping the leather cord in between.
 They are so easy and inexpensive to make.
Just add a few pearls..
 And you have a cute and fun Valentines Necklace!


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