Happy Earth Day Recycling Project

A few months back we purchased a dresser from Ikea.
And as you know it came unassembled in large box with many pieces. Upon putting the dresser together my lovely husband notice two outstanding pieces of cardboard(not to heavy or light) that were used between the pieces. Now to this girl who loves to recycle, this looked like a piece of gold and knew I would have some use for it. And I finally did.
First I cut out a mannequin or bust shape from the cardboard and a second pair of legs. I free hand drew the pattern but it took me a few ties to get it just right.
I covered the mannequin with an old book page and sealed with two coats of Mod Podge and then wrapped the edges around the back. I probably could have cut a piece to cover edges of the back,note for the next one.
For it to stand I then had to cut a slit in the mannequin base from the bottom to just below the paper. On the other base, I cut a slit about 1 inch long from the top and slid them together.
The make an excellent form to display or store jewelry.
 And it cost be exactly $0 and recycled a bit of cardboard and paper in the process.
 You could use any type of paper for the body, even Newspaper would be cute.
Happy Earth Day!


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