Trees,Trees and more Trees

I love decorating and Christmas is the perfect holiday for me since I can re-decorate the whole house temporarily with old and new items. I especially like trees and in the past few years I have either made or found some of the most amazing renditions of Christmas trees to decorate my house.

 It all started about 40 some years ago when I really wanted a Christmas tree for my bedroom. Reason being that one of my older sisters had this huge magnificent artificial tree in her room and I wanted one too. So my little brain started to work on how I could build my own. I proceed to cut some evergreen bows from a tree in our backyard and stuck them in a coffee can with a little dirt. I made a paper chain and ornaments out of felt. It was perfect and so the obsession begun. Since then I have always had a real tree for Christmas up until a few years ago when it just did not seem right to be throwing a tree to the street every year.
 I then became obsessed again with making trees. The first is was burlap and string.
and Fabric
 and Strips of Paper
 Strips of leather
 Then string and sequins..
Which lead me to a larger string art project..
Made mostly from things I had laying around..

An old paint project that I torn the canvas off and was left with this frame.
Then I used some garland from my Jewelry booth..
Wrapped it around the frame and I have a felt dotted tree.

 Super Easy
It could be made with paper dots too1
And you can take apart and use it for something else when the holiday is over.
Colorful and fun!


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