A Year of Challenges and Milestones

Writing a post once a Year? I can't believe a year has past and I am just getting back to posting. Well I guess I could say I was busy, but that isn't the reason. I have at numerous times started a few lines of post but then would get distracted or tired or lose my thoughts and figure I would get back to it another day. I can say it it has happened at least 6 times over the last year. So what I have I been wanting to write about for the last year? Well few things...

This year has been a challenge for me Mentally. Mentally realizing that my brain can be used in other ways other than figuring out how to create jewelry and finally using some of my Math degree some 20 something years later actually using what I learned in college. I also had to retrain my brain as well and that was tough and tiring. A challenge that I still work everyday and self teach myself with online tutorials and books. Who said you can't teach an old dog new trick, either had a dumb dog or wasn't talking about this old dog.
Not only did I reach a milestone birthday last year, I also reached a milestone physically. Over the last year and half I have lost just over 25 pounds. I have always been physically active and a decent weight but became very last lazy over the last few years and had gained some unwanted weight. I started slow by walking on my lunch and then adding going to the gym after work. Changing my diet and how and what I eat have made a huge impact as well. This was not quick weight loss diet or fad workout, just a general commitment to the working out and eliminating really bad food choices. Is tough work but every milestone is worth it and then it's time for another goal.
So what is going to happen in the new year? I am not sure yet, but I think it will be full of challenges and milestone, and I will be sure to keep you updated by years end.


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