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The Oscars

The Oscars are upon us. Happening tonight. I usually watch the Red Carpet to see what everyone is wearing, but it often makes me think about at one time I wanted to be a costume designer.  I have always liked making things and thought it would be easy. I have made several Halloween costumes over the years. Pretty simple and very classy. I could design costumes for movies, right.. This classic would surely win me many Oscars. I am sure I would get many votes for this interpretation of a Court Jester. Of course these are from about 25 years ago, when life was much simpler.. Now I don' think I would be able to complete with other designers.. Oh well I better find something else that I am better at.. Enjoy, Janet
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Do you ever find yourself in this situation? It might not even be because you don't have anything to do. Just bored with what you have to do.  Being bored it okay, it really is good for your brain and the creative process. It allows your brain to rest and recharge. It needs that time to discover new ideas and other ways of thinking. It also allows you to use another part of your brain. I find myself bored every once in awhile (Especially in the Winter and getting cabin fever) and remember that it its okay and to step back. Let it happen, since it usually results in some creative idea or a giant list of things I want to do.. So it's okay to be bored, it will pass and if not, you will have a nice list of things to work on ! Enjoy, Janet


I sometimes feel like Dug. Distracted by so many things that I can't focus.  It is getting worse as I get older since the number of things that need my attention (or so I think) is growing. I think technology is making it even more difficult to focus. I find myself on my phone or laptop while watching TV or eating. I sometimes think about the days before smart phones and how it may have made it easier to focus. Less to read, view or check up on and more to read, talk and explore the outdoors. Maybe I just need to go outdoors, see the sun, new job or just a change of scenery.. What wait, I just lost focus in what I was writing about. See how easy it is. While writing this post I have been watching TV, doing laundry, eating and posting on my facebook page... I then think about something I want to buy or search for and I end up lost one the web. Sorry, I am back now.. just had to look for a dress idea that popped into my head and then the dryer went of and had to check

Valentine's Day

What is the meaning of Valentine's Day. If you look at Wikipedia, it states that it was an account of Saint Valentine of Rome who was imprisoned for performing weddings for soldiers, which was forbidden. Then made popular in the 14th century by Geoffrey Chaucer and the giving of gifts to lovers. To me the day has many meanings for me. The first meaning my love of celebrating holidays. It comes from my Mother that decorated for every holiday and ensured that each one was special.  When Valentine's day arrived we would each receive a Valentine and a box of candy on our dinner plate. Simple and sweet with a heart felt lovely message inside the card. The second meaning is that it is about a month away from St Patrick's Day. The day I met my Husband (it was actually March 16th) at a St Patrick's Day parade, 21 years ago. The love of my life and my biggest fan. I guess St Patrick's day is my Valentine's day!💚 Enjoy Janet


Zen I often thought Zen was the act of doing the same thing over and over.  Until I actually looked up the meaning. Having a  Zen attitude  means finding mindful awareness of the present moment. This will help you release yourself from stress, anxiety, frustration and anger. Instead, focus on positive thoughts and actions that will help you relax and respond in a more balanced way to your everyday life. I think I need to start working apply Zen to my life. Now that it is February and a time to re-set goals from January. I set so many goals for myself in January, one that I did not follow thru on was being more positive. For most of January, I sulked..  The Holiday's were over along with my 2 week Vacation and I was back at my unfulfilling job. It took so long to get out of that sulking mode. It started to wear off in the last few days of January and not sure how or why. Now I am going to start doing some mediation to keep it from returning. It was quite frustrating

Ground Hog Day

It silently sneaked up. Ground Hog Day Made popular from the movie. Where the same day is repeated over and over again. At the time of year, it starts to feel like the same day over and over. Same weather, same routine and the recomitment to those New Year's Resolutions that you made a few weeks ago. I can say that I am struggling with mine and all the things I want to achieve this month. It is good time to step back and not be so critical. Have you a achieved part of what you had on your list? I can say yes, there are a few things, but not all. I guess it is a good time to celebrate those small steps. So I award you (and me) for keeping some of those resolutions. And if you need to restart, then make Ground Hog day your new beginning. It's a short month so there is hope for all of us! Enjoy Janet


This is a creative challenge and is just the challenge I need. This event originated in Philadelphia and is celebrating it's14th Anniversary this January. ( ) It's a challenge to create something everyday in January. But here in Buffalo, the same events is being held but it will runs thru February, since it is the down month for festivals, until March begins and festival season begins. I am rising to this challenge and will either make something each day or make one thing and work on it everyday in February.  It might be something made from books or book pages, or with my bead stash, Our my yarn stash... I think I see a trend on what I might be focusing on. Be sure to check back for updates. February is just over a little week away! Enjoy, Janet