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Travel Jewelry

With the Summer almost over it's time to look back enjoy all the photos and mementos of the season. One of my favorite ways to do this is to create something that reminds me of places that  I have visited.   How I may not have visited all these places this summer but they are some of my favorites.  Made from a Dominoe, a bit of phone wire,old map pages,pendant bail and Mod Podge Dimensional magic and you have a souvenir from your trip or favorite city.  So easy and would be a great going away gift or Christmas gift.  Each one is Unique.  Your Favorite city.. or your hometown... Or a reminder of a Favorite trip.. Enjoy!

Easy and Inexpensive Gift Bags & Card

I like to put a little personality in my gift wrapping and card making, but I don't like to spend ton of money either. So when I found these shopping bags for .99 I thought of the perfect idea to dress them up. Then after I cut up a few old file folders, punched a few circles and made a few pomps, I was left with these two adorable gift bags. Now I needed to make two cards since these were for our Twin Nephews and each one needed to be special. So I printed a photo of each of their baby faces and added a little party attire. I love making cards and using photos. It's personal and can be funny. Such cute baby faces. I can't believe that they are Three! The cards and the bags were a hit and so simples to create! Enjoy!