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The Birth of an Idea

I often wonder where other people get there ideas from. Is it a connection with an object that leads from one idea to another? or is it a specific place like a vortex in which ideas flow freely and the mind can explore all corners of the universe?  Recently I have noticed that I get great ideas in one of two places, not very exciting places but good for mind wandering. First is the shower..
I am not sure why, it might the water hitting the back of my head and stimulating some dark area of my feeble brain or it is just the calming sound of the water. No matter what it is it has been a very good place for me to think and be alone with my brain. Only drawback is I can't write anything down, which means I need to remember it when I get out. Not so easy since once I am out, the ideas disappear like the water down the drain. I guess I need a notebook right there when I get out.  Second place is in bed and the time between sleep and awake. So many times I have had the idea of the century be…

What I Saw Wednesday- Crafts from the Past

Some years ago I was introduced to a craft that held my attention for many years. While visiting my sister at college I came across a tiny cross stitch kit in a store not far from the campus. I think it was basket of flowers and I finished it about an hour. It started a whole new obsession that lasted for about 10 years during my teens and twenties. Most of what I made I gave away as gifts and did not keep for myself, but I always took photos.
Baby Basket Shower gift with Noah's Ark Cross Stitched ribbon. Cross Stitch Initial on a Sweatshirt for my college roommate Wendy. It's so 80's! Hearts in Quilt Patterns samples. This I think I made in to a pillow and gave to a friend's mother.  It is so funny how colors and crafts have changed over the last 25 years (when all of the above was made). The sophistication of ideas and patterns are more precise but simpler. I look at these as works of art and tests of dedication to complete a project. And luckily I have proof that I made…

Colorful Easter Egg Garden

I wanted to created something simple and easy for Easter,so I headed to the Dollar Store and bought a pack  6 plastic eggs.

At first I thought I was going to use multiple fabrics to make eggs look like Hungarian Eggs, but as with any idea, it changed in the process of making them. I started with leftover two tone fabric since it would keep the design simple. The I started to cut various shapes from the fabric and apply to the egg with Mod Podge. It went fairly quickly, but I will say cut your pieces first and then glue since you fingers will get really messy. I then took three other eggs and did the same thing to them but with different fabrics and shapes. I used little juice glasses to set them into dry and also hold them in place while I worked on them. Once they were completely dry, I gave them each one extra coat of Mod Podge. Next I poked a hole in the bottom of each and inserted three pieces of floral wire. Then I took a small terra cotta pot with styrofoam in the bottom and inserte…

Spring Recycled Jewelry

I have an obsession with Jewelry and constantly changing the items that I already have. Recently got inspiration from Jewelry made from old computer parts and watches and thought I could do the same. Mine turned out great, but I used old beads,paper,leather and bottle caps. Here is what I started with...
Then I cut a piece of purple leather so it fit nice and snug inside the cap and then filled it with beads and Mod Podge Dimensional Magic. Let it cure and I have a new Spring Pendant! It looks like a Mosaic in Turquoise,but really some leftover beads. I was so pleased on how this turned out that I decided to make a few more pendants but with other materials. For this I folded some Vintage book paper into a pinwheel. Dipped in fabric stiffener and then used mod Podge Dimensional Magic on the top and added a silver bead. So easy and I just love this with the black cording. I have so much paper left that I had to make another pedant. This time it was leftover Scrapbook paper,book pages and a…

A Weekend Sewing List

I have had sewing on my brain for a few weeks now so I guess it is time to take care of it. I have wanted to sew a few clothing item (eek!) and just need to take the time to pick out the fabric and sit down and do it. This weeks list is all about sewing and hopefully I will have few results next week since I have a long weekend! Here is what I hope to start!
(1) Cowl Neck Vest. Perfect for under a spring coat or in that cold summer office. I love this look and hope my sewing skills can keep up. Found on etsy at and looks easy enough for this basic sewer! (2) Chick-Sicles for Easter or a Shower gift. It's that season again Baby showers and Easter is getting closer and why not make a few rice cooling Chicks. Get this free download pattern at Just Another Hangup and looks like a great use for scrap fabrics. (3) Necklace with a Fabric Rose. Now this lovely person is Ashley Sisk and she is not only an amazing photographer, but she has great style as well. I have seen…

Am I Blue

Am I blue, well not actually I just have a bit of a spring cold and it has been been showing in my blogging this week as short and not so interesting posts. Combined with the snow and the cold, I guess I am a bit blue and it's so funny that it is my favorite color. I just can't get away from the color and this weeks mailbox of magazines are full of the color as well.
Via Martha Stewart Living, these cool blues make me calm and long for the garden. Easter Egg from Women's day inspires me and reminds me that this color is everywhere this spring and need to paint something. A combination of Tiffany Blue and Spring Green. Could it be Sea Foam Green? Ah,the lazy days of a hot summer day and a lovely dress to spend it in and the fact that it is my favorite color, even better.  Okay I now I think I am feeling a little better just by looking at these images. Amazing what a little magazine therapy will do! Enjoy!

What I Saw Wednesday - Daffodils

I wish I could say that these photos were taken outside but they were not and only from a potted Daffodil that sits on my desk. Today were in the middle of yet another Winter storm and the outside Daffodils will have to wait. So I have been experiencing with no flash photography for about a month and I am really enjoying the result and the Daffodils were a very understanding subject.
The beginning. The middle The end The Flower. Enjoy!

For Japan

Japanese legend that promises if anyone folds 1000 Origami cranes, they will be granted a wish by the crane. Submit and see more cranes here 1000 Cranes for Japan.

Magazine Pinwheel Art

I was in the process of taking my lovely magazines to the Library when a thought on how to recycle them came into my head. Why not make some art out of them? I came up with several ideas but only completed one this weekend. It started with this image...
And ended with this... Just a few Magazine paper pinwheels that I sewed down the edges and then framed. And hung above our bed. I just love how they look. So Simple. And the best part is that they cost $0.00! Enjoy!

The Trash to ? Weekend List

I am not sure where my obsession for collecting junk came from. I see a piece of junk by the side of the road and I think numerous possibilities for it. Most the time the junk never makes it home with me, but a few things do and then I wait for the inspiration to transform it. Today's list is all about a few things that I have in my Trash Stash.
(1) Record Storage bins. These came to me via my Husband who was given some LPs stored in this bin. I actually have two and they have been graciously waiting for a makeover since the Fall. I have two super ideas for both.
(2) Copier Toner Containers. I found these in the garbage can at work (on the top) and could not let them be thrown out. Super heavy plastic and orange! What could be better! They almost look like modern art. I have had these for a few months and thought about using them for Halloween, but I have another idea.
(3) Old Map Paper. These are sheets of paper from maps from the US Forestry Department. I have had these for years and …

Happy St Patrick's Day

Today I celebrate, not only because it's St Patrick's Day and I am of Irish decent, it is because fourteen years ago I met my Husband at a St Patrick's Day Parade. Well it actually was March 16th 1997 and was a cold and bitter winter day. I will spare you the details of how we met other than it was meant to be. Okay then one detail I will share is that I wrote my phone number on a dollar bill and he called me the next day and changed my life forever. Happy St Patrick's Day and Happy Anniversary David!

What I Saw Wednesday - Signs of Spring

I think I have been seeing signs of Spring for about a week now but haven't really made the connection since it was still snowing! But slowly I was made of aware of the signs around me. One of the first was seeing ducks and geese at my workplace pond. Although the pond was partially frozen, they still found open water and dove and swam like it was Summer. Then the second sign on the Ides of March was green in the garden.
Not too green Irises, but they promised to be as I watch everyday they grow taller and greener. A little sprig of Mint! I believe it to be Chocolate mint since the stems are brown. What a better sign that involves Chocolate! So the Ides of March have taught me not to beware but to be aware! Enjoy!

Scrap Paper Jewelry

Awhile back I recycled some old Photo storage boxes with some lovely Scrapbook paper.
I had two boxes to cover and did not buy enough paper to cover both, so months go by and I finally remember to buy more paper and I finished the second box. Now my desk is nicely organized and I have more room for my Coffee! The project was done but I had numerous scraps leftover that I could not just throw out. So I took some book pages, Mod Podge and the leftover scrapbook paper and made a few jewelry pieces. Nice Large sun, made from a old belt buckle. Tiny little sun to brighten the day. Super easy and fun and a great way to use up leftover paper! Enjoy!