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Easy Fabric Christmas Trees

Every Christmas the decorating spreads to another room in my house. This year I am thinking about a small tree in the bedroom, just a little one with a few lights. While thinking about that tree I came up with some quick and easy trees for my craft room. I started with fabric scraps in my favorite colors and a 10 inch $1.00 foam tree. After ironing the fabrics, I started to wrap it around the tree, securing it with a pin. Wrapping it until it was completely covered and then securing the back with pins. Next I trimmed the bottom straight across. Then I secured the bottom with a pin. Now the pin was also used to balance the tree on a spool. No Sewing or glueing needed as my scraps can be used for another project it I want to.
The perfect trees for my Craft Room Simple and easy. Festive and match my decor. 

And the fabric can be reused! I love them.. Now just three more trees to decorate! Enjoy!

Craft Show Recap

This past Sunday I attendend my Very First Craft show as a vendor in about 40 Years. I decided it was time to show the world my creations. I first packed up my bags the night before and was all ready to leave the house at 8 am. I packed everything in Vintage suitcases since I could use them for my display.  I had someone nice compliments not only my jewelry but on my display and mannequins that I made from pillowcases. I made a few sales but many people took my card and I had numerous hits on my Etsy shop the next few days. It slowed down at the end of the day since it was a beautiful November day and I am sure people were outside taking advantage of it. It was fun,exciting and exhausting, since I was coming down with a very nasty cold.  Now I am getting ready for my next show at the beginning of December,so I need to start working on a few more pendants and possible some leather rings. It was a great experience and I hope do attend a few more shows in the coming year! Enjoy!

My Bags are Packed

It's been in my blood since I was a child to want sell my creations. If it wasn't tickets to a puppet show,decoupage rocks as paperweights it was the monthly Newspaper for Maple Avenue with yours truly as the editor. So tomorrow I embark on this adventure again after 40 + years in the making, my creations are packed up and ready for everyone to enjoy.  I am nervous and excited as I feel like my life may be changing forever. Thank you to all that will come out tomorrow and support and to those who believe in me. Oh and so sorry for such sappy post! I will report later next week on the outcome with many photos! Enjoy!