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Ipad Pillow Stand

I like to watch tutorials on my Ipad and although I have a cover that converts to a stand, it isn't always the best solution for viewing. So I decided to make one of my own inspired by these Iphone stands I found on Etsy. They are sold by dognamedbanjo and are really unique and lovely. So I thought I could make one similar to it and here is how i did it. First I started with a 1 yard of a fabric in my two favorite colors. Then I cut the following pieces 1 Pc 13" x 13" 1 pc 29 x 13" 2 Triangle pieces 13" x 13" x 13" Next I sewed the top square to the two triangles. This is will be the sides and the base. Next I took the large rectangular piece and sewed it to the bottom of the square. Now I don't have photos of the last few steps since once it start forming a pillow it is difficult to photograph, but the process is not that difficult. Next I sewed each side of the the rectangle to one side of the triangle on both sides. Then repeated the same proc…

Leather and Button Jewelry

I am lucky to have access to a wide variety of colorful and interesting leather scraps. I finally decided what I could make with them after looking at my button stash and my estate sale items and created some interesting pendants and rings made from both. Embossed Woven Leather and Recycled Estate Sales jewelry pendant Woven Leather and rhinestone button. Green Sueded Leather with recycled bead and earring pieces. Leather and Button rings. Just a little reusing of scraps and buttons to make some interesting Jewelry for the Spring! Enjoy!

Ultra Mini Dress Form

My obsession with mannequins continued this week when I remembered a free pattern for a tiny dress form pin cushion that I saw back in January.
 It's a two page download at with a video that takes you thru step by step of the process. I wanted to make a few of these for my craft room but thought they would also look lovely adorned with my recycled jewelry. So I started by selecting a few fabrics in colors that I love. Blues and greens are my favorite and make me feel like spring is not far away. After cutting and sewing the simple patterns and easy instructions (via video), I had these three stunning ladies in my craft room. They require very little fabric and can be mounted on candle sticks or spools. I made the long green dress form about 4" longer than the pattern since I wanted a bit of height and enough space to hang pedants. I added glass drawer knobs and beads for the neck inserts. I then added a few necklaces. I chose just a few since the forms are…

Mini Antique Mannequins

I have searching for an antique mannequin for a couple of years. They are hard to find and very expensive when they are found.
I also have read many tutorials on how to make your own but never thought that I could pull it off until this past weekend. I started with a great pattern that I found on Etsy from Tracy Bell and you can buy it here.  The instructions are easy to follow and the results are amazing. I started with a nice linen in a medium taupe color since I thought it would look vintage and classic.
Pattern was easy to read and after very few steps of a little sewing and a little stuffing, I was left with this.. I used a candle stick that I had and no longer used for the base and added a few of my recycled jewelry items. It was so easy, I made a second one and intend to use both of them to display my jewelry as well be able to take better photos. I am so pleased with the results. I now have my own Jewelry shop in my home! Lovely and Professional looking! I can't wait to m…