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Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween! Have a Scary and Safe Halloween!

Dollar Store Dry Erase Board Makeover

I bought this Dollar Store dry erase board along time ago and finally got around to giving it a make over. I started by making a frame for it by laying it on a piece of cardboard and giving it about a 2 inch border. After cutting it out, I thought it would probably be easier if I had just picked up a $1.00 mat as well, but I used what I had laying around. Next I cut a piece of fabric about 1 inch larger than my cardboard. Once it was cut I wrapped around the frame and secured with double sided tape. Then I cut the center out and wrapped those pieces around the frame as well. Lastly I removed the rubber gusset around the board and hot glued it to the frame. I attached it to my new bulletin board with a few push pins, but I really didn't like they way it looked. So I attached two pins to the back of the board and pushed the whole thing in.  The pen is magnetic and will stay right on the board for easy access and a clean look. It was so easy and in expensive and look great on my newly updated…

Scrap Fabric Shopping Bag Tote

I always forget to take my reusable shopping bag into the store with me. I get to the check out and I remember that it is in the trunk of my car. I tried to think of someway to remember and came up with an idea to re-use the plastic shopping bags by make a little tote to attach to my purse. So I started out with some scrap fabric, a button and a pipe cleaner. I cut 2 piece 3 1/2" x 4 1/2" and one piece 2 1/4" x 6 1/2" out of my fabric. I made a strap out of the long piece and inserted a pipe clean. This wil give the strap a little flexibility and able to wrap it around a shopping card handle or bag handle. Next I sewed the two rectangle pieces together to make my bag and attached the strap and I was done. Then I folded up a shopping bag and placed inside and then attached to my purse. It was so easy and fun to make that I made one more. A simple item to make that will help me remember to recycle and reuse my plastic shopping bags. Enjoy! Linking to these lovely parties!

Easy and Inexpensive Jewelry Display

After photographing my jewelry over the last few weeks and I have been disappointed by the results. It is difficult to get a good photo of the item on myself or by laying it on a piece of paper.  So I decided to that I would buy a Jewelry neck (if that is what you call it), But for $7.99 I thought they were cheaply made and could be easily made. So I gathered the materials that I had in my stash that I thought I could use to make one. A piece of an old sheet, a piece of cardboard and a leftover cardboard spool from ribbon. So first I traced the spool on the cardboard for a guide for the hole I would be cutting out. I centered it at the top of the cardboard piece and cut the hole slightly smaller than the spool.I then inserted the spool and stapled the cardboard to the bottom of the spool. I then cut a piece of the sheet slightly larger than the cardboard piece. The last step was to wrap the sheet around the cardboard as if I was wrapping a present and securing with tape. And it was done! Rea…

Skeleton Key Pendants

At a recent estate sale I found a hand full of Skeleton Keys. And now that it is October and it's getting closer to Halloween,I thought it was about time I made something with them. Why not a piece a Jewelry! Simple and sweet with crystal accents. Daring and bold with a touch of coral.
or a Bit of Pearl and Antique buttons. I think I love all of them and probably will wear all three this month or put them in my Etsy shop!
Happy October! Enjoy! Liniking up to these Lovely Parties!