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What I Saw Wednesday - New Magazines

While strolling lazily thru the grocery store last weekend to take advantage of the cold air, I came across two magazines that I had never seen before. Both peaked my interest since they both are on subjects and interiors that I love. The first was Atomic Ranch. This has been published since 2004 (where have I been) and is dedicated to the Midcentury Modern home. It covers the restoration and preservation of homes from 1940's tract house to 1960's Modernism houses. I was immediately in love and vowed to buy a few back issues online. Second Magazine was Cottage Life Now I totally miss Cottage Living, but this magazine is all about living the cottage life. It has been published since 1988 (seriously, I have been not living on this planet) and is from Canada. A very informative magazine with information on boating,cottage repairs and green cottage living. A lovely magazine that reminds me a bit of This Old House magazine with it's step by step do it yourself to the way it reads …

Estate Sale Goodies

Over the weekend I visited three Estate Sales and was hoping to find some real treasures for my home. I found a few things that I just had to share. A Big Yellow truck that my husband found for our twin nephews to play with when they visit. In great shape and nice heavy metal so it can take some rough play. A little orange truck that will keep one or the other nephew busy for  few minutes. This one is plastic but sturdy and ready to be played with. Mini Crock. Just about 12" high and in perfect condition. This will look beautiful with some fall (eek!) mums planted in it. So my weekend was productive! Enjoy!

A Hot Weekend List

It's the end of a very long and hot week and the weekend is to be hot as well with hopefully a break on Sunday. So this weekend list consists of some ideas to beat or enjoy the heat. (1) Estate Sales
I am loving this clock but it might be gone by the time I make it to this sale! But there are plenty of other great items as well at numerous sales this weekend. (2) Button Bracelet I have a few buttons and might be able to make a collage of sorts bracelet for a summer pick me up! (3) Long and cool dress. I would love to make this but I think it might be easier to just shop for one. This is from DownEast basics which has great styles and prices. Love the tote and jewelry too! So that is my Hot weekend list that hopefully will keep me cool! Enjoy!

Yellow & Burlap

This year I have been working and creating with burlap on many projects and I was excited to see that Martha Stewart has an eye for it as well. Numerous Items in Burlap and the color of the summer,Yellow. On closer inspection of I noticed some burlap covered candles from Jayson Home and Garden I think someone else had this idea too.. Well my name isn't Martha, but sometimes I think it should be! Enjoy!

Zipper and Wire Bracelet

Some time ago, I picked up some old zippers at an estate sale and this past weekend I finally had an idea for what to use it for. I decided to combined the zipper with some old phone wire that I have had for about ten years. And I made this lovely bracelet. I did this by wrapping the zipper with wire and then adding a toggle. I think it looks better than I thought when I was creating it and looks great with my a bit of summer sun! Enjoy!

Weekend Find List

I am on Vacation today and reason for the late post. I have two finds to show off and hopefully that can be used for something on my project list. First is a can of yellow paint that I hope to use with possibly my old lunch box. Next is a piece of 70' or 80's fabric that would make a nice retro sun hat for a child. Now it is a short list since I must get back to my vacation,but hope to have a few projects completed over the weekend! Enjoy!

What I Saw Wednesday - Garden Scrapbook

I start a garden scrapbook over almost fifteen years ago to keep a visual record of the plants and see the changes over the years. I somewhat abandoned it about five years ago since I keep all my photos digitally now and can view them anytime on my computer,but it is not the same as a paper scrapbook. Here are just a few of the images from my book that show how far my garden has come. This was my tiny back garden at the beginning. A year later. This was four years later and we had added the two side gardens.  I love looking back on how they garden has changed as well as looking at all my silly comments. Nothing can replace a paper scrapbook and I glad took the time to compile it. I think I better start a digital copy or is that what my blog is? Enjoy!

What Could I Make?

While straightening up my craft room this weekend to escape the heat, I came across a few interesting pieces of scrap fabric. I think last year I had made a few headbands out of the fabric and now there are just random pieces left.  I looked at the patterns and thought there had to be something that could be made from them. So after some more cleaning and thinking, I sat down and made a few of these. What are they you ask? They could be pillows or pendants or buttons? I am not really sure what they will become but they were a challenge to make since I had to find just the correct pattern so it fit in the circle. Come back and see exactly what I do with them! Enjoy!

A Weekend Short List

I am trying to finish more projects and not just write about them, so this weeks weekend list is only three items long. Hopefully this means that I will have better results on finishing a project or two.  (1) Bucket Hat I would love to sew this up for a few children or soon to be born babies. The pattern and instructions can be found at Martha Stewart (2) Clip Board I love this geometric covered clip board. Could be cute in a row of three for my craft room or a display for art. (3) Block art Use leftover wood to make your own stamps. This would be a great idea for Christmas cards or wall art. just need to think a some simple designs. That is my short weekend list. It doesn't seem very intimidating and easy enough to accomplish. Come back next week and see how I do! Enjoy!

To Blog or Not to Blog

I love writing this blog, but sometimes it becomes difficult to come up with ideas to write about. I find myself searching for something end up writing a not so wonderful post. So going forward I will be writing only about three times a week and mostly about projects that I am working on. I will still write my friday list but would like to show more completed projects from that list than create yet another item to add to the ever growing list. It has become a tad bit stressful for me and I need to take a break. Please stick around with me as I hope to have more exciting projects to write about! Thanks!

Chip Can Chiminea With Krylon spray paint

I love recycling projects and now that summer is here I can be outside to paint,create and recycle. The most recent recycling project has been to find a use for leftover chip cans from my favorite snack and Krylon Dual Paint & Primer  Spray Paint in Gloss Leather Brown.
 To start my project I needed just a few items from my craft stash and my garage. A few washers in different sizes, pony beads, single nail,hammer,glue gun and battery operated candles
Next I took the nail and proceeded to make random holes in the chip can. Being careful not to bend or hit it to hard so as not to make any creases. After the cans were all full of holes, I next took washers and applied one to each hole with hot glue. Then I did the same with the pony beads. After the beads were all adhered, I sprayed each piece with a few coats of brown spray paint waiting about 25 minutes in between coats. It took about 3 coats to get the cans completely covered a long with the beads and washers.  Lastly I inserted a batte…

A Found Treasures Weekend List

I have been visiting a few Estate Sales over the summer and I have found a few treasures that have made it home with me that might need a makeover. Here are a few things on my Weekend list that need just a little TLC. (1) Lunch Box Could be a purse or a portable art studio. I haven't decided yet if it needs a coat of paint or just looks good with it's scratched black patina. (2) Coin Belt Now this is the second one I have purchased and I will take it all apart and use the coins for pendants. This time I have a few new ideas for them as well as the chain that they are on. (3) Train Case. This was on my list a few weeks ago and I have just started to revive it by removing the interior fabric. This was my husband's Grandmother's and want to treat it with extra special care. (4) Happy Fourth of July! Have a wonderful Holiday Weekend! Enjoy!