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Easy Shamballa Bracelet

I recently got around to sorting my beads and buttons by color and now I can see exactly how many of each color I have. And after seeing all of these beads I thought I should be using more of them so I decided to make a Shamballa Bracelet after seeing one on a work colleague and thought they looked a little like boondoggle. First I found a great Tutorial on Videojug.
Second I used some left over statin trim for my bracelet. Then some Beads that I found at Michaels in the clearance section. Then I started the Tutorial. I will advise that they don't give exact measurements on the beginning and end of the bracelet. I can tell you that your knots at the beginning and end should measure about 2cm long and in between your beads it should be about 15mm. I am measuring in metric since it is much easier and more precise. The last step of the closure knots measure about 35mm and once you watch the video you will understand and can measure as you go along. Once it was done it looked fantast…

Color Block Felt Pendants

This summer bright colors and color blocking are in and luckily I have access to some bright felt scraps. They are the perfect colors and I just needed the perfect idea to create something with them that I could wear.  I had recently picked up a box of dominoes at an Estate Sale and then the lightbulb went on! I could combine the two to make color block pendants. Purple,Green and yellow with just a little of the black dominoe showing thru. The perfect accent of color and so simples Orange and Pink..   think this is my favorite! Reminds me of Rainbow sherbet! An inexpensive way to update your wardrobe. Now I just need to pick which one to wear first! Enjoy!

Belt Buckle Upcycle with Scrap Fabric

We all have a few belts laying around that either just don't fit or are wore out or just not fashionable anymore. I had two such belts rattling around in my closet. I decided rather than put them in the Salvation army donation pile I would upcycle them in to something else I could wear. So with a little of this scrap fabric leftover from last weeks bedroom pillows... I created this bracelet.. With just a strip fabric about 1" wide and a snap to secure in the back and my bracelet was done in about 5 minutes. I clean up the buckle with a little silver polish and a bit of scrubbing and it shined like new. Then combined it with my rhinestone and telephone wire bracelet for a more interesting look. Looks great with my Telephone Wire and zipper bracelet too!

Next I cover the other buckle with Fabric and attached a felt strap. Combined with other bracelets and I have some funky arm candy. So easy and quick that I could have a whole new set of bracelets if I had a few more belts.. I…

Updates With Fabric from Tonic Living

I love fabric and I can't stop using them to change the look of our home. Recently I purchased some new fabric for our bedroom from my favorite website Tonic Living. I chose two fabrics to update my bedroom pillows.  New Chevron in Blue and
  Good Life Gridwork in Spring.  They arrived extremely quickly and the fabric is of very high quality and very soft. I wanted a change that more suited the spring and summer and our love of the beach.  Here is our bedroom before.. Although I still love the fabric, it just not working with the art work or rug, so it was time to change. And here it is now....

 Better colors and lighter feeling
I just love it and the fabric is perfect.

 Now I think I am set for the summer!