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What I Saw Wednesday - Wall of Art

I love getting ideas from magazines and the wall of art is one of my favorite concepts that I try to duplicate in my home. I found some great examples as templates for my next wall in Coastal Living and Elle Decor.  I like the idea of the ledge and the different frames since the black and white photos tie everything together from Elle Decor September 2011. A wall of objects all in the same color tone look fantastic over this outdoor sink from Coast Living September 2011. Wall of books and art from Elle Decor. I think I like this one the best with is combination of shelving and art and the subtle use of Chartreuse. I think it is time for me to gather up some frames and some art and start a wall! Enjoy!

Estate Sale Jewelry Recycle

Estate Sales are like treasure hunts, you never know what you are going to discover. The past weekend I found a few goodies that I thought where interesting. The clip on earrings I thought would make great pendants. I love this one since I have tiny purse made of the same material. A little sun for the end of the summer. These buttons are from a sale a few weeks ago. I love the large pearl button. A little bit of fabric and an antique button. So simple and cute! Enjoy!
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An Little Bit of Everything Weekend List

My list of projects keeps growing and this weekends list is a little bit of everything from sewing to spray painting. So let's see what is on the list the weekend. (1) Shift Dress. A cute dress from you can make this that would work in the summer or fall. Let's see if my sewing skills are up to the task. (3) Box  of buttons. Found at an awesome estate sale last weekend. I have already made a few pieces of jewelry with them, but I have more ideas in the works. (3) Strips of leather. More leather that needs to be recycled in to what? I am not sure yet but it will surely be something amazing! (I hope). (4) Metal Chest. Another Estate sale find that needs a bit of a bath and a bit of spray paint. I am sure it will turn out to be a winner and great piece for storage. So that is the list with a little bit of everything! Enjoy!

What I saw Wednesday - Scarfs

I think fall will be all about scarfs after looking thru two catalogs today. I found these in the Art Institute of Chicago gift catalog and the MOMA Design Store Catalog. Felt circles hand sewn together. Felt flowers in disks. Pointelle Knit edged in a Organza Ruffle Felt Flower disks Cut silk in origami fashion. All are so beautiful and different that I want one of each. Maybe I could make them! Enjoy!

Rhinestone Necklace Recycle

I couple of weeks ago I found these buried in my jewelry box. I decided I could make something out of them that also used parts of this bracelet. And some of this old telephone wire. I just cut of piece of the Rhinestone necklace and wrapped it with wire on to the natural leather cord and I had a brand new bracelet. Super easy and the end of necklace became the toggle on the bracelet. I can't wait to wear it and tit cost me $0 since it was all things I already had. So dig thru your jewelry box and see what you have recycle! Enjoy!

What is in the Mailbox Weekend List

This week has been a exciting time for my me and my mailbox. Seems like a surprise arrives everyday and I can't wait to see what tomorrow brings. Here is just a sampling of what arrived this week and the plans I have for it all. (1) Bails A bag full of 100 bails so I can finish up some pendants and put them in my etsy shop. I have been working on some new design and hopefully they will sell. (2) Catalogs It must be getting close to fall since new catalogs arrive daily. The MOMA Store catalog actually came from my workplace and there are some fine ideas that I think I can create. Look for some of those on future weekend post. (3) Felt For the Nephews Birthday present arrived so cutely packaged I could not take it apart yet. A receipt written on an old library book slip card attached with a tiny clothes pin. Love it! (4) Magazines. I have some reading to catch up on..Elle Decor, Martha Stewart Living and Real Simple.Just in time for the fall and some work around the house. I will have to si…

Fabric Covered Books

While wandering around West Elm, I came across some Burlap covered books being used on a display. I thought they were interesting and knew I needed to make them. So I collected my materials. A few old books,burlap and Mod Podge. Now this is an easy project with great results. First I cut a piece of burlap just larger than the book. Then I completely covered one side of the book with Mod Podge. The carefully wrapped the burlap around the book.It gets a little messy but the results are wonderful. I made a few with a geometric fabric as well and really like they way they turned out. I probably make more since they so easy and make a great impact on decorating! Enjoy!

A Button,Book,Bead and Felt Weekend List

I have a couple project in the works over the the last few weekends and I think that it is time to finish them off. Here is a glimpse of what I started with and what I plan to create. (1) Felt I have a super cute idea for my Twin nephews Birthday that involves felt. I don't want to give it away yet since I am in the middle of working on it, but it should sew up quick (2) Buttons. I bought a huge lot of buttons that I need to make into some jewelry along with putting it in my Etsy shop since there is only so much I can wear. (3) Books Just a few book, Mod Podge and burlap. This is a super quick project that has instant results. (4) Beads There are some silvertone bead links from Jewelry I bought at an Estate Sale last weekend. I have since taken them apart and cleaned them and have started the process of reusing them. So that is my list and most of the projects are already started, so I should have results very soon!  Enjoy!

What I Saw Wednesday - Independence Hall

While in Philly a few weeks back, we wandered the city as tourist. We arrived to late for the tour of Independence Hall, but were able to visit all the other sites surrounding the hall. The hall is in the progress of a much needed year long renovation but I was still able to get a few good photos.
Draped in scaffolding. Clock on side of hall. Information on the restoration. I am a total geek and read this sign, only to find that a local company back here in Western New York, was part of the restoration. Small world. Enjoy!

Scrap Fabric Pendants

A few weeks back I was sorting thru my scrap fabric, looking for some interesting designs for pendants. I started by cutting a few circles and applying them to metal disk. I finished all of them this weekend with a few beads and some Dimensional Magic. I think they came ou great and they are so fun to make. Silver & Brown Acqua & Brown with Venetian bead. Gold and Silver Bead. So fun to make and I can let my creativity run wild with designs! Enjoy!

Getting the Creative Juices Back Weekend List

My creativity has been on a vacation this summer along with my brain. I just haven't felt that creative and I am not sure if it is the weather or that I am just burned out. So I have a few things that hope will jump start my creative and spark my brain. (1) West Elm Pillow Saw this in the Philly store and I think I can make it. Just some twisted felt and a few stitches. Right? (2) Headbands I made of few of these last year but not this style. Great for a summer pick me up and not too expensive. (3) Recycle some Rhinestones. While looking thru my jewelry box for something, I came across these necklaces and bracelets. I think I have a great I deal to reuse them in some jewelry design. (4) Stencils My neighbor gave these to me after he used the for a project and I have a great idea for them that involves a little sewing. Can't wait to show the results since it is should turn out very cute! Well that is it for my weekend list, hopefully it sparks me into finishing a few things! Enjoy!

What I Saw Wednesday - The Federal Reserve

While wandering around Philadelphia this past week, we stumbled upon the Federal Reserve and... their exhibit, Money in Motion. An interesting and timely installation that has been open since 2003. Covering topics from the Policies of the Federal Reserve Bank to the history of money. There is also a cart on display with $1.35 Million Dollars in $5 bills. Unfortunately I could not take any photos inside but the exhibit is free and they give you $100 when you leave... Well kind of.. It is approximately $100 in shredded money! Enjoy!