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I have been feverishly preparing for numerous Jewelry shows coming up in the next few months
Hoping I have enough Pendants and Necklaces to get me thru each show. It has made the Winter much more fun since I lock myself away in my Studio with heat blasting. How you can follow me on Facebook and see what I have been working on for the last few weeks. Follow me here at Janetofalltrades Enjoy!

Winter Snowball Wreath

There is something about Yarn Pom Poms that makes me very nostalgic. I remember making them as a child with washers from my Father's tool bench. And after making them for Elf hats, it made me want to make more since they are fun,easy and somewhat like Snowballs. I started with just a few things I had in my craft room. Some white and green yarn, MDF Wreath form (not used for Christmas) and some cardboard. Next I cut the cardboard in to 2",3" and 4" wide rectangles and cut a split line half way to the center of each size. Next I cut and inserted a piece of yarn about folded about 12 inches long in to the split and then started to wrapping yarn around the a cardboard. Once this is done, I tied the 12 inch yarn around the wrapped yarn and tied a lose knot. I then started to cut along the top and pull the knot tighter. Once the top was done, I cut the bottom and slowly pulled it off the cardboard. I kept tightening the knot and making sure no yard came lose. Once I comp…

Happy New Year 2013!

As 2013 begins, I thought I would share a few of my favorite quotes and how they relate to the New Year. 1. Good things come to those who wait. I have waited a long time to pursue what I really love to do and this will be the year that waiting ends. (You can make your own inspirations photo at 2. Dream Big by Order of the Management. The dreams I have had will no longer will be little, the will be big,creative and life changing. (Get our own sign here at 3. Being Creative is not a Hobby. This year will be about turning a hobby in to a way of life. (Source your own inspiration here 4. Control my Brain. Yeah, my brain is much like this most days and the few days that are good I am really productive,so I would like to have more good days this year. (find this card here 5. Start where you…