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Painting Some New Art

I caught the painting bug about 3 years ago while on vacation in North Carolina. We were wandering around a local shop that featured local painters and I was impressed and inspired by all the interesting works of art. I came back, bought some paint and spent an entire summer painting everything I could get get my hands on. I haven't been as prolific as that summer, but I still love to paint and find inspiration everywhere. Mostly I find them in books and catalogs and are usually compositions full of color. Here are some of my favorites...

They are my inspiration and I love how the colors blend one into the other without any discernible line. About 3 years ago I painted these two companion pieces and they are now in our living room. I love the color combinations and now that part of the room is painted orange, they make a great accent to the contrasting wall. But now they look lonely since we moved a large ball light out of the living room and into the office. So there is now more wa…

Monkey Face Patch

I accomplished a few projects over the weekend, but this had to be the most fun and rewarding. I wanted to make a monkey face patch for my twin nephews. I started with image and thought I could duplicate it.
I first printed a few copies of the image and cut out the pieces that I needed for my pattern.
I labeled some of the colors on my black and white copy so I knew what color felt to use. I only needed a small amount of brown,light brown and red.

Next I cut out the piece using my patterns. On the brown I used chalk and could not get a good outline so I chalked around the piece to get my pattern transferred. 
Next I sewed the ears and face on. This was pretty difficult since the pieces are so small, but if you take it slow, it will turn out,trust me.
The next step I don't have a photo, but it was the sewing of the mouth. Now this was not easy either but felt it forgiving and after it was sewn, I went back and trimmed the felt to that mouth points were correct and even. After this was d…

It's That Time Again--Weekend Project List!

I just read that good bloggers always do a blog with list since they are easy for readers to follow. I think that lists are great if you get to at least finish one thing and cross it off! So here is my list for the weekend and lets see if I can cross anything off.

I bought this big bag of ribbon for a steal and plan to make some more headbands once all my other supplies arrive (hopefully today or tomorrow) and put them in my Etsy shop.      2. I bought these Vinyl Wall Graphics at Joann's for .97 and I don't have a specific plan for them yet, but there were too cute to pass up. Plus I bought some others that are various sizes of circles that might make some interesting wall art or collage.
   3. In less than a week, my two twin nephews will turn one year old. The Theme for the Birthday party is Sock Monkeys. Now we already have an awesome gift for each of them, but I would like to make something. I found this Monkey Patch and thought maybe I could duplicate it?Maybe, we'll se…

Sprucing up for Fall

I must admit that I don't like the sound of the title of today's post. It is really still summer but the sights and sounds of fall are evident everywhere. To the Halloween decorations in the stores (right next to the Christmas) and to the sightings of school buses. I like the idea and the color of Fall, just not the fact that colder days are coming. So today I will just focus on the lovely colors of fall how I can use them to spruce up my home. I found all of these lovely paintings in the Grandinroad catalog and I think anyone would work.
I like this one simply because of the stripes and the weathered look. It comes in two sizes, 18" x 36" and 24" x 48" . It was certainly pull any room together and would look great a pair.
I love the subtle shades of brown and green, although the sea foam color is not a favorite, it works with the brown and yellow. It is called Washed Tapestry and that is exactly what it looks like to me. I also love the sunburst wheel pillow…

Ikea Magazine Re-do

I recently was at Ikea and purchased two set of FLYT Magazine holders. The completely white and come in packs of 5 for $1.99.
I knew that I could spruce them up with something and had a perfect idea for them. This fabric panel that I purchased at an Estate sale a few weeks ago.
It was one large curtain panel that really wanted to use as upholstery for something and the magazine holders were just the perfect match. I first assembled two and stapled them together.
Next step was to lay them on my fabric to figure out how much I needed. The best thing about this fabric  was that it had hemmed edges and it would make my Re-do look more finished.
I cut the fabric about 2-3" longer at the top to make sure it covered the entire piece.Next I lined up the hemmed edge to the bottom and stapled it top and bottom. This okay since it's the back of the holder and I will cover it up later.
As you see I had to open the bottom up so I could staple the bottom. Next I used good old Mod Podge to secur…

Four Headbands for Tuesday

I have become obsessed with making the easy scrap headband that I blogged about last week. They are so easy to make and they use up all my scrap fabric that I have laying around. I made four over the weekend that will most likely headed to my etsy shop. I did purchase 1/8" braided elastic and some additional velvet ribbon. I think the elastic looks better and is easier to work with. Here are the four headbands that I have made so far (excuse my model, she needs to more time in the am to prepare her hair!) and the names I have given them.
Made with Heather Bailey Slim Dandy Pink- I like to call Taffy Stripe. Made with Michael Miller Fabric..I like to call it Coffee Talk.
Made with Michael Miller Fabric - I like to call Seeing Dots
Lastly.. I made one in a Metallic leather..I like to call Space Suit.
I am still tweaking the design and the stitching as you can see they are slightly different from each other, but soon they will be available for sale. I have plenty of new and exciting fabr…

Pillowcase Upcycle

I recently purchased a set of King Sheets and with the set you always get the huge King pillowcase. Now  I don't have those large pillows and usually just use them as they are and the pillows look like little sisters in hand me down clothes. So I decided to make them fit my regular pillows once and for all.  First I took the King pillow case and laid on top of a regular case to see how much I needed to cut off.
I cut a piece about 10" long off each end of each case.
This is pretty simple so I won't shown the steps. I turned the case inside out and then sewed it up. Now I have one regular pillow case! I did the same to the other one and in 5 minutes I have two new useable cases. Now not wanting to waist the piece that I cut off from each case, I decided to spruce up some old cases. First I cut about 9" off each case.
As you can see the corners of the case had come undone and I had already mended this pillow case once already. Next  I trimmed by piece from the king case …

Project List for the Weekend

Once again the weekend is near and the list is growing longer. I have such high hopes on a Friday morning about all the things I want to make, I guess need a three day weekend more often. The first thing on the list is the Ikea Hack that I eluded to last week.
I have recently read that these magazine holders are not that good, but I hope to spruce them up and make them really useful and sturdy. Next is something I have been drooling over and wanting for a long time. A nice bulletin board for either my office or my craft room or both. I love both of these styles from Ballard Design and I am sure they are easily reproducible.
Just a basic board with a nice wooden border and what is better than one...two
These are Sisal covered and I think they would work great in my office. I love the long and lean look!  Lastly is something that is truly strange but I think it might work. 
Dressing up a Refrigerator and it does not involve paint. This make be a make or break project since I am not sure exact…