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Friendly Halloween Spiders

This past week at work I saw the biggest,hairiest and scariest spider I have ever seen up close. This is not him but pretty close to what he looked like and it inspired me to create a few friendly spiders for Halloween since how scary could they be?  First you need three pipe cleaners.  Take two and fold them in half and the cut.  Next with your four legs, take another pipe cleaner and start wrapping around the center of the legs  Wrap so it looks like a little ball since this will the body.  Keep wrapping until you have used the entire pipe cleaner  Separate the legs and bend little feet at the end and the spider is done. Now I made a few and they are quite friendly but they seem to have taken over my home. Hey, get off the couch!

 And off the lamp! You'll burn yourself. Stop surfing, oh your reading my blog.. well okay then.
 I like you but just as a friend so please get off my leg. Okay that's it.. out of the Halloween candy! We need to leave some for the Trick or Treaters…

May I Interest you in a Pendant?

I  made a huge decision to try and sell my pendants at a craft show and have been busy working on pendants and displays. I found these Artist figures at Ikea this past weekend and they are perfect for displaying my pendants.  I have been working on some lovely new key designs and I hope I sell just a few. If not I have some great ways to display my own jewelry I will sure to update on the out come of the show as well as my full table display! Enjoy!

Scary Pumpkin Pendants

Halloween is quickly approaching and although I no longer dress up, I do like to create and wear to celebrate the holiday. When I found these Glow in the Dark stickers at the Dollar Store, I instantly knew I had the perfect use for them.  First I collected a few buttons and cut one of the stickers up to make it look more scary. I then cover it with Mod Podge and let it dry. Then covered it will Mod Podge Dimensional magic. I made a few more using buttons and pendant trays and I now I am all set for the big day.  Some Cute and Scary Pendants. They Glow in the Dark too!  I might wear one or maybe three.  So easy and very inexpensive. Enjoy!

It's all about Braided Bracelets

I had been traveling most of the month of September and the one trend that is popular everywhere is braided and beaded bracelets.
Like theses from Nialaya braided bracelet with Skull beads that are handmade in Hollywood. A Shambala style with a stylish clasp. Our this Lovely Beaded Bracelet from the from Silorama for Wimbledon that looks like mini Tennis balls. I love this braided and chain bracelet from Aureli Bidermann, not only for the color but the paper clip closure!  And lastly, my find and purchase at the beach for $.98 each! Braided bling.. I don't think I could make it them for less! But I might try! Enjoy!