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Heritage,Horse & a Pillow

Many years ago my Grandfather travelled to Sweden for a trip for family research. His ancestors where from Sweden and he had found living relatives that he went to visit. Being only 6 years old, the only thing that I remember from his return where the numerous slides I had to sit thru and the Lovely Little Dala horse that I received.

 I thought I would be getting wooden shoes (I guess I thought he was going to Holland) and I didn't like the red color of my horse at the time. My sisters had received either white or blue and I thought they were much prettier. But with much research later, I learned that red is the traditional color and it is a reminder of him and his desire to learn and know more about his family and his home country. My Mother also carried on the traditions by cooking Swedish dishes and Celebrating Swedish holidays. Sometimes I feel as though I have not carried on the traditions or further explored my heritage but again I feel like these thoughts and stories are my…

From The Scrap Bag Part 3

We live in a 30+ year old house, built in the early '70's and it seems like it is still settling. It creaks and makes noises every so often and the bedroom doors just don't like to stay open. I have a wonderful draftsman's weight that I use for one of the doors, but was in a desperate search for another. When I decided just to make one. To the scrap bag I went..
Selected this small remnant and cut 6 Four inch squares..
Then sewed them together in to a "T" and then started at the out side square and started to sew them to each other to get my square. Turned it right side out and now I have a square that needs to be weighted..
I filled the square about 1/3 of the volume with stones like these.. Filled the rest with fiber fill and sewed up the corner. And now I have the finished result placed in it's new spot..
Simple and easy and took me about 1/2 hour and the hardest part was cutting the squares. I assume that you could cut the squares smaller and fill the entir…

Healthy Home

In the April 2010 issue of This Old House, there is an article on how to make every room of your home healthier. After reading it I thought I would try some of the suggestions. The first and easiest was to replace our vinyl shower curtain liner with a washable nylon liner. The vinyl shower curtains give off  phthalates which can be hazardous and they also have a strong plastic smell.
I purchased in mine in white at Bed,Bath and Beyond for $12.99. It says it is water, mold resistant and machine washable. It is very nice and two things I noticed at first. One is that it is a lighter weight than the plastic and much easier to open the two curtains together. Second is that it is much quieter! The water hitting the plastic was much louder and now the shower is more calming and less noisy. Not sure if that was what was meant by a healthier home, but less noise it healthier too. I would highly recommend purchasing one since it already has made a huge difference.

Frugal Friday

I have been working on this white cardigan for a few weeks. I purchased it at a thrift store for $1.99 and had a few ideas for it.
First idea was a ruffle of some kind. But it just didn't look right around the collar. Too Much fluff.
Then I decided on a little rosette..
But one just seemed so lonely and so I added a few more..
Just in time for Spring and Easter! Very simple and very Frugal.

Hello Again Tom Collins

Years ago, a Tom Collins was the chosen beverage of my much older sisters. When we would go out for dinner with my parents they would order this fancy and foamy drink. I really never knew what it was or that it even contained alcohol. Skip to the present and at Christmas my brother in-law and my husband enjoyed the drink at our Family Christmas dinner. It was the first time I had ever tasted one and knew instantly that it would be a summertime favorite. Then I came across this recipe in Sunset April 2010 for a Cucumber Tom Collins. It gave me goosebumps I was so excited and it sounded to cool and refreshing. I can't wait for a nice warm day to enjoy and say Hello Tom Collins.

Frugal Re-Fashion for $0.00

It's Wednesday and my brain is thinking about the weekend already and what it wants to create. It has some good ideas and it will share them with you next week. But first an idea that came out the scrap bag last week.  I have a few small Cotton bath mats that I never seem to use and thought if I could made them larger I would.

Then out of the scrap bag came this fabric, leftover from pillows...
Then the idea for just a border on just the ends came in to my brain. But should it be on top? Or should it be on the bottom?

I think it should be on the bottom. But wait and see the finished product the cost $0.00!

Spring Blooms

The trees are just starting to get buds here in the North East and it will probably be a month before we see flowers. But in New York City the flowers will be in bloom or Jewels in Bloom on April 8-17th. This beautiful graphic is for the Flower Show on Madison Avenue, featuring the world's most fabulous jewelry. I am not attending, but this ad caught my eye that I had to share it. I love this graphic for it's simple use of just two colors and the silhouette of the flowers. This would be a lovely as wallpaper or an art print. I guess I am just drawn to it because of the colors. Now to save it and later possibly frame it since I can't seem to part with it.

From the Scrap Bag part 2

From the Scrap bag comes a lovely tote for the spring and sumer. For toting my lunch, ipod cord and books to work or the beach. It started out as part of some fabric scraps and samples that I ordered from Tonic Living for $10 for 2 pounds of scrap...

And then ended up as this...
Isn't it delightful?. I used a tiny piece of scrap for the button for an accent since I think it needed just a little something. It only cost me about $1.00 to make!

Dreaming about the Weekend and Crafting

I saw this new Martha Stewart's Encyclopedia of Sewing and Fabric Crafts and instantly needed to have it for the weekend. It has not been released yet and I doubt I will have time to craft very much as we are in the midst of a room remodel part of which requires me to paint a ceiling. So I probably will be dreaming of crafting and this book all weekend. Happy Friday!

Wishing for My Own Treasure Island

Today I am wishing I was on my own personal Treasure Island in Figi. Like this wonderful home of Jill and David Gilmour that was recently featured in Elle Decor. They have their own island and home called Segna na Leqa (Fijian for no worries). It is simple stunning and a must to see in the magazine (or the home if you happen to be in Fiji). It looks so calming and peaceful and I would like to leave for it today.

Celebrating a Holiday

My mother loved to make every holiday special and she did for so many years.She was a lovely lady and wonderful cook.
On St Patrick's Day since she was married to a Irish fellow, she would make the Traditional Corn Beef and Cabbage. Over the years she also would throw in her own twist by baking an Irish Whiskey Cake. It's simple recipe for a tube cake with a glaze of sugar and whiskey. Best served cold and with freshly whipped cream. It was so good that when I was younger, my sister and I ate it for breakfast! Not sure we were aware that it had alcohol in it. To carry on the tradition, I have made this cake the last two years and I can say it is fantastic and very easy to make. Irish Whiskey Cake

1 Package Yellow Cake mix
1 Small Package Vanilla Pudding (instant)
1 Cup of Milk
4 Eggs
1/3 Cup Oil

Mix the above and beat for 2-3 Minutes with an electric mixer. Pour into greased tube pan and bake 1 hour in 350 degree oven.

2/3 Cup sugar
1 Stick of Butter
1/2 Cup of Whiskey

Thirteen Years Ago!

Thirteen years ago today I was at a St Patrick's Day Parade with friends. Little did I know that that day would change my life forever. You see I met my husband that day, who was also at the parade with friends. While all the parade goers reveled in the festivities, I talked with my future husband the whole afternoon. I broke a dating rule with him by giving him my phone number, which I had wrote on a dollar bill in lipstick! (which he still has) He called me a day later and well we have been happily married for ten years. Being Irish (and who isn't) I believe it was part fate and part luck that we met that day. Happy St Patrick's Day Thirteen years later David!

From the Scrap Bag part 1

Awhile back I got a shipment of fabric from Tonic Living. Part was for my kitchen curtain and the other was a huge selection of scrap fabric. I decided to make a fun summer tote even if it is not summer here yet. I first started with these to scrap sample pieces...

Then another piece of scrap for possible the sides and top..
Then I sewed the to piece together to get one side of the tote.. That is the progress.. Stay tuned for Part 2!

Spring Painting Bug

It is really starting to feel like spring but not look like it yet here in the Northeast. It's raining and dark but it is at least warm. I getting the bug to spruce up for spring and we do have some painting projects to tackle. They are not as nearly as fun as this large striped bathroom, but I can dream. I am usually not a fan of the striped wall in a room, just makes it look smaller or juvenile. But this room is different since it is so very subtle with its tones of yellow. Or maybe it is the color that I am attracted to since it is bright and cheery like the sun that is missing today. Or it could be that my next painting project will be using black and it's not too exciting,but the end result will be fantastic. Wait and see, you will get the painting bug too!

Frugal Re-Fashion for $2.99

I love clothes and can never have enough, even though I have a closet full. I also like to find a good bargain too, so sometimes theses two things I love don't always converge. But recently I found this yellow and white striped top at the Salvation Army.

 It was $2.99 and from inspection it looked to be brand new. I picked this up with a couple other items that I would also like refashion.(blog on those at a later date). I decided to add just a small detail to the front that cost me nothing and would make it look fresh and new.

With just a little bit of muslin fabric and a quick basting stitch and you have a cute ruffle that makes the shirt look extra special and only cost $2.99. Please stay by the blog since I have many more ideas like this to re-fashion/recycle your closet!

Lovely Coral

I love this coral basket from a recent article in Coastal Living. It is called  the Mediterraneo Fruit holder from There are so may lovely items on this website. The basket looks like graceful fingers of coral rising from the ocean floor. I love it for it's simple shape and color and have the perfect spot for it in my home. It could hold anything from fruit, to a candle junk mail and still look beautiful. Makes me think what else I could do with it?

Fun Felt Creatures

Over six months ago I made these cute felt bear for my Twin Nephews. I found photo on the web and made my own pattern.
I think they look great and I received tons of compliments. Then recently I got this flyer in the mail from Joann's and it had these crazy felt animals on the cover..
 I think they are really fun and you could buy the pattern, but I think I could just make the pattern since they are such a simple shape. I do have some leftover felt from the bears but I think I like these crazy colors. Now just to find the right child for these fun felt creatures.

Palm Fronds Fabric

All of last year I searched for fabric with a palm fronds pattern. I scoured the web and auction sites looking for exactly the right fabric for a few projects. I never found it and settled for something else. And then this past week I get a flyer in the mail from Calico Corners and there it is. About a year late and a few more dollars that I would have liked to spend,but it was exactly what I had envisioned for pillows for our patio. I think I will save the flyer awhile just in case I change my mind or if I get a windfall on money.

Fleeting Friday

My creative motivation is fleeting me this Friday. Actually it has been gone all week. It sometimes feel like  trying to capture creativity is like trying to catch rain drops with a tennis racket. You catch a little but not a bucket full and sometimes you just end up standing in the rain with a wet cold tennis racket. Creativity is fleeting and has been avoiding me this past week for some reason. Last week I could not stop the ideas from flowing out of my brain, so much so that I two list of notes and numerous sketches of ideas. And then comes this week and nothing and I mean nothing. My blog has been very boring and not very creative. So at least it is Friday and my brain can rest for a few days and will be back in action next week.

I Love Color

I love color so much sometimes that it is difficult to choose one that I like the best. That is why I love these seeded glass tumblers/candle holders from Wisteria. They are one of each of my favorite colors and they can perform double duty. They could be used as a set or in sets of 3 to adorn different areas of your home And the best part they are only $34 for the set and you could buy them an split them up and give them as gifts as well. Some many ideas for use and a simple way to introduce color to your home.

Dots and Flowers

I was inspired by this lovely tote bag on Handmade by Jill..

and her tutorial is wonderful and so is the fabric that she used to create this tote. I have been looking thru my scrap pile to find a fabulous combination and I found this..
If I don't make it in to a tote it could be a beautiful pillow too!

Flowers & Ruffles

Spring must be close by since I am seeing flowers and ruffles everywhere. No flowers in the garden yet but they are on clothing...
And ruffles on Home accessories..Especially pillows..

And item made by me..

Just a sneak preview of a project that I am working on with Ruffles! Stay by the Blog for further updates!

In Like a Lion

It's drizzling and cold here in the North East. Not quite Winter and not quite Spring, somewhere in between. Sounds like a bad song. I am trying to think spring today since now February is over and we are getting closer to warmer days. It's warmer today, 32 and drizzle, but still looks like winter. I would even take rain if I would wear this ensemble. It cheery, fun and green for St Patrick's Day. And it's is super affordable at $1500!