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Jewelry Finds

A few weeks ago I visited Toronto and a lovely friend took me to some unbelievable bead shops. I bought a few things but I thought I would share what I made with some Enameled flowers and chain.  I made them up so quickly and was able to wear them to work the next day. I am thinking about putting a few in my Etsy shop. So pretty and complete any outfit. Look for them soon in my Etsy Shop! Enjoy!

Chevron Pumpkin Art

I am in full swing with fall now and can't stop making decorations with a pumpkin theme. My latest uses good old rick rack and spray paint to produce a Chevron Pumpkin. I started with project by pin pieces of rick rack to a piece of muslin. Then gave it a few coats of orange spray paint. Then removed the rick rack when it was dry. Lastly I traced a Pumpkin from the piece and sewed it to a old Dictionary page. Then framed in Black and it is perfect for Halloween!
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Ottoman Obsession

I am on hunt for an Ottoman for our home. Something stylish but comfortable enough to put your feet up on. So all I see in magazines are ottomans, so my Obsession begins with.. Functional Functional, but not stylish enough.. Or Stylish and looks comfortable, but might be a bit big.. or Vintage! Nice but a little worn and dirty, but I could make a slipcover for it. or Two of these would work.But are they too stuffy looking? or A design Classic.. Now this feels like I am getting close what I might like. Maybe if I just stop looking I will settle on something. Check back and find out what I decide on! Enjoy!

Modern Fall Pumpkin Pillows

I wasn't ready to start decorating for Fall since I feel like it is still Summer, but with the cooler temperatures Mother Nature is telling me it is fall. So I decided to make a quick fall craft to get me in the Fall mood. I started with some fabric from my scrap bin and a Pumpkin template. I cut a pumpkin from each fabric and adhered it with fusible webbing on to burlap. And then sewed it to a piece of muslin. Sewed a back on to the pillow and stuffed. My Modern fall Pumpkin pillows were done. Ready to enjoy inside.. and out! Enjoy!

Estate Sale Find Fix Up - Mini Metal Cabinet

A few weeks ago I found this four drawer mini metal cabinet at an awesome Estate sale. It measures about 6" x 6"x 8" and had four drawers with different space configurations inside each drawer. It was loaded with nails,nuts,bolts and some old bulls eye papers from the 50's. I had no idea what I was going to do with it, but I knew I could find a use for it. So when the weather was right I broke out the spray paint and painted it white. It took many coats but it looks great now and I even painted the inside each of the drawers.  And to add some interest inside I add just a little bit scrapbook paper to line each drawer. Plain paper for the larger drawer. Plain and striped for the other three drawers. They are the perfect size for thread,buttons or beads. The cabinet looks lovely with my sewing needs and rest on yet another newly painted metal cabinet that my Brother-In-Law gave me about a year ago. It had been patiently waiting for a fix up as well.
It will be storing some …

Name Pennants

In honor of my Twin Nephew's Second Birthday I decided to create name pennants since the theme of their party was little men. To start this project I only need a few items. First I cut a triangle 13" x 21" with a 45 degree angle. Next I cut letter using stencils.. from my felt and old t-shirts (white) After a little sewing I was left with these lovelies I then sew another triangle to the back and stitch all the way around. Lastly I slide them on a bamboo stick for a photo shoot! So easy and only uses about  1/2 or less of felt! Enjoy!

Sneak Peek Weekend List

Do you ever have a multitude of projects that are not quite done or close to being done? Well I have a few that I hope to finish up this weekend and here is a sneak peek at what they look like to far. (1) Painted Metal The spray paint was out in full force last week and I just need one more coat to make this cabinet beautiful. (2) Train Case. Just a little deconstruction,Frebreeze and some new fabric and this train case will be a thing of beauty. (3) Pennants Just a little finishing work and these are ready for the Nephews! Can't wait to share them with you next week along with a tutorial as well! (4) New Etsy Logo Worked on this last weekend and still needs a little tweaking. Hope to change some item photos as well on the page as well. That is it for my Sneak Peak Weekend list and hopefully with the holiday I will get a few things done! Enjoy!