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Merry Christmas Elf Hat

Merry Christmas!

I found myself wanting to make Santa hats for my twin nephews this year at the last minute. When I found this super cute flannel fabric for a steal and thought it would be perfect for the hats, but change them to Elf hats since it fits the boys personalities better! I was going to make my own pattern since it seem like it would be easy, but ran out of time and used a tutorial from Fun Fleece It has all sizes of patterns from baby to adult, and was super easy to follow. I tweaked it a bit since I was not using furry fabric and my color scheme was different. I started my making a white pom pom for the top. This is pretty easy and had to call on my skills from when I was a child and made these with washers from my Father's tool bench. Now all you do is cut two circles about the size of the pom pom you want, cut a circle from the center and a side opening and start wrapping yarn. They come out a little irregular but nothing a trimming with scissors won't fix. The…

Christmas Eve Bling

I love bling but I am also cheap and usually those two things don't go together. So when I found this sequin embellishment sad and lonely in the clearance section for .99, I knew I had to make something
fun out of it. I started my making two plain black headbands. You can find the tutorial here on my blog.  Next I cut it almost in half along the seam of the sequins.
Then I applied felt to the back since this was a adhesive back embellishment and then sewed it down and it was done.
 Super easy and fun (ignore my out of control hair), that I made another one using just sparkle ribbon and a narrow version on my headband
 This was even easy since I just sewed the ribbon down the middle to the headband.
 So easy and takes less than 1/2 hour to create and
you have a little bling for Christmas Eve and beyond! Enjoy!

Last Minute Christmas Projects

For some reason I wait until a few days before Christmas to think of some quick Christmas crafts. It causes me much stress since why didn't I think of these back in July? Here is just a Sneak Peak at what I have been working on and will post in the next few days... Some very cute Christmas fabric that will be made into something really cute! A bit of cheap bling that I couldn't resist transforming into something lovely. Check back the next few days to see what I have created..or not! Enjoy!

Christmas Card 2012

Every year I like to create a unique Christmas card and this year was no different. I started with an Encyclopedia circa 1975.  Then I started to use my new Snowflake punch and destroyed a few pages.  Then I added some card stock in craft paper brown and little strip of glitter paper. And the card was done! Simple,easy and a bit of recycling.  The Snowflakes are addicting to make.. So I had a few leftover to decorate some burlap trees. Merry Christmas!  Enjoy!

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like.. Snowflakes

It all started with this little paper punch that I bought a few weeks ago of a Snowflake.  It actually is a stamp and a punch in one! Very clever Martha. I intended to use it to create my Christmas Cards and it still might be in the cards (ha ha). But it also started me on this whole obsession with Snowflakes.. I then bought these super cute pajamas on Black Friday at Target for $10! They are so worth the $10 even if the pants shrunk and barely cover my ankles. Then I found this crazy plastic ring in my Holiday decorations. I might have to wear a few times before Christmas, although wearing gloves over it will be a challenge. And of course I had to create something to wear with a Snowflake theme. So I cut a few pieces of Encyclopedia paper and made a few pendants. And added a button and a key. They could be ornaments as well..But I didn't get that far... I think I will need to wear them first! Enjoy