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Mable Gets a Makeover

I named my Jewelry Mannequin Mable over the Spring since I really thought she needed a name. She is an average size but I always thought she was a little plain and need a scarf or top to dress her up. So I thought I would make my own dress for here that alway would serve as a cover to protect her stark  white skin. I started with an old sheet in a light tan color that I thought would work the best for display purposes. Next I basically made a sack. Two rectangular pieces sewn together on two sides only. Much like a pillow case but open on both ends. Next I cut out the shoulder cuts. I did this first by placing the sack on Mable and tracing the curve of the shoulder. I then cut both sides to match.  Now the last few steps I kind of fumbled along with since I have never made a piece of clothing that looked anything like it was suppose to nor do I have the best sewing skills. I basically but the sack on Mable and pinned and re-pinned and sewed and resewed until it looked right. It wasn&…