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Mini Break

I am taking a Mini Break from blogging for a few days as I will be out of town for work. Hopefully I won't have time to think and my brain won't be coming up with new ideas (no promises, my brain says) So enjoy your weekend and come back on Monday for some super new ideas and a little inspiration!

What I Saw Wednesday- The Twins

Over the Easter weekend I as able to spend sometime with my twin nephews. And at a little over 1 1/2 years old they are full of energy and personality. They move so quick at times that it is difficult to get photos of them, but got a few that show how much fun they are. Waiting for Easter Candy Looking for cars Playing on the couch Resting on the Couch Checking out the Easter desserts. The twins are so adorable and making the cutest faces. I wish that I could have captured more of them but there are many years to come for those. Enjoy!

More Book Page Crafts

Now when I opened the Summer 2011 issue of Do It Yourself Magazine, I was surprised to see more book page crafts. I thought had seen them all but I was wrong. So sweet and a great use for a book with an interesting cover. This could be a cute shower gift.  And dyed book pages used to make beautiful flowers. This would be a good Mother's day craft to make and give. Pinwheels. Now I have made these and used them for art and jewelry, but these are so fun as cupcake decorations and would cost $0.00 to make.  There are so many things you can make with old books and book pages. I still have a few ideas rolling around in my head since old books are everywhere. What would you do with book pages? Enjoy!

Pillowcase Dresses Completed!

I have a Baby Shower in about a week and I had to finish the Pillowcase dresses this weekend. I started with a pattern that I borrowed from my Sister-in-Law (Thanks, Margie!)..
and some fabrics in the favorite colors of Blue and White of the Mom to be... Now I made the simple Pillowcase dress and not the halter dress shown above since I thought for a 0-3 month old it might not be that comfortable with a tie or knot on the back of the neck. So I opted for the simple dress that ties on the side. They sewed up pretty quickly once I got thru one and decided to make three instead of two! Now I may change the color of the ribbon at the neck to Navy since I not sure I like the white,plus it is off white. I love the two patterns together and the colors are so fun and summery. I think this is my favorite and I would love a dress like this for myself! The blue and white fabric is actually a linen like and was a dream to sew with. It is light and airy and perfect for this new baby due in Mid July! The…

Weekend List on Thursday

I preparing for a long Holiday weekend and I planning my weekend list today. I plan on taking a break from blogging tomorrow to catch up on some projects and some important errands. That still means that I have list that I would like to complete although.
(1) Chain. I thinking about making a few more necklaces with this chain that I used for my Cityscape Necklace. Possibly a three tiered necklace with some flowers? (2) Bias Tape. Now I bought a whole lot of this last summer on Etsy and I do use is for other projects,but I have an idea that involves some recycling too that might just use up a good amount of it. (3) Charm Necklace. A coworker wore this necklace the other day and she thought it might be something that I could make. I have plenty of little pendants and beads, so it is quite possible I could recreate this necklace. (4) And lastly, Have a lovely Easter and a great Weekend!

What I Saw Wednesday- Easter Bunnies

Every spring my Husband and I becoming step parents to baby bunnies. In the numerous years that we have lived in our home, we have seen and cared for many bunny families. The tend to like our yard and our garden particularly since it is safe from dogs and cats. They only stay long enough to be able to hop out of the nest and out of our yard, but they are oh so cute while they are there.
Just a tiny bunny out of the nest for a peek at the world.
Mother Bunny taking a rest for the nest. Baby on the move (reason for the blur) and to get away from the photographer. So just a little glimpse of the Easter Bunny and babies that arrive each spring in my yard!

Crazy Aunt Janet

I have got a reputation to protect this Easter according to my husband who thinks I am becoming a crazy Aunt. You see I like to make things for my nephews for Holidays and I am not sure why,so that is why I am becoming Crazy Aunt Janet. Over the weekend I made a set of these cute chicks for my twin nephews.
They are from a cute pattern from Just Another Hang Up and cut and sew up in about an hour.  A great way to use up some scrap fabric and make a cute holiday gift. I filled mine with a little stuffing and some beans. I hope the boys enjoy them as much as their Crazy Aunt had making them! Enjoy!

Mosaic Tile Necklace

I love the clearance section at most stores. Usually at the end of an aisle or one huge section with a mishmash of stuff. Recently on a trip to Michael's, I found clearance items mixed in with the regular priced items. I assume this is a new way to place clearance items to make customers hunt for the deals. I actually came across these by mistake while looking for jewelry findings.
They were $0.99 Mosaic Magic tiles. From the photo on the package I assume that they are to be used for small tile projects like the clock that is shown. I bought them with another idea in mind. since I like the flower shape and the color. I added a bail and a small silver chain and I had a summery flower pendant. Then I added a Vintage Button and a little Dimensional Magic and had what looks like a Sunflower pendant. Lastly I added a few bugle beads, a Venetian Glass bead and Dimensional Magic and have a unique pendant for the summer. So fun and easy and cost be $0.99 for three pendants! Makes me want to se…

Rain or Shine Weekend List

The forecast for the weekend looks like it will have a lot of rain and little bit of sun. So I have a few projects that I can enjoy inside and outside.
(1) Set of Three Mosaic tiles that I found on clearance at Michael's for $.99. I have a few ideas for them and can't wait to show you what I have done with them! (2) Garbage picked stool. Found this right down the street last weekend just waiting for me to recycle it.It is nice and sturdy and really needs a new cushion and a little cleaning. (3) Pillowcase dress. I have a baby shower in three weeks and would like to make a few dresses. Let's see if my sewing skills can tackle the ruffle hem! (4) And lastly, my garden. Hoping to start a little clean up in the garden only if the rain stays away, but looks like Saturday is going to be pretty nasty. So maybe I will get to it on Sunday. And that is my Rain or Shine weekend list. I hope that I get to be outside for a little while since it is spring! Enjoy!

Faux Sterling Jewelry and Button Pendants

I have been working on numerous pieces of Jewelry lately to spruce up my spring wardrobe and add to my Etsy shop. Here are just a few things that I made in a few hours and can't wait to enjoy.
Bib Style Faux Sterling rings necklace. So sparkly and light and looks great with all spring colors. Cost me less than a $1.00 to make! Initial Pendant made from book page paper,button,scrapbook paper and a button! So fun and easy to make. Add a little Mod Podge Dimensional Magic and a bail and you have a cute Birthday or Mother's Day gift! Another Initial Pendant, this was made with a bit of glitter enhanced paper. Belt to choker. This was a belt that I found at an Estate Sale back in February. It had been patiently waiting for me to create something with it. Finally I have a unique City Scape choker that I can't wait to wear and maybe sell a few in my Etsy shop since I have about six more! So just few of the many things I have been working on and hope to get them in my Etsy shop over th…

What I Saw Wednesday- Spring Sunset

There has been a threat of rain for the last few days here, but we have skirted it until last night. Just before the sunset and the rain finally arrived, we had the most glorious and colorful Spring sunset.  A sunset full of oranges,blues and purples so I couldn't resist to snap a few photos right outside my home.
The coors were really amazing. I love the composition of this with the power lines and the tree branches. The colors changed to purple the lower the sun became. It as a lovely display of color and reminder that they days are getting longer with the sun setting at about 7:50 PM. Just makes me wonder how long Spring will be and how close Summer is? Enjoy!

Blue and Green Spells Spring

It's no secret that I love the colors blue and green,each color is everywhere in my home. So when the May 2011 Elle Decor arrived in my mailbox yesterday I could not be happier with some of the home furnishings in my favorite colors.
The subtle greens and browns of this bedding from The Company Store makes me want to rethink my bedroom update. I love the eco green and brown leaves and it would work well with the new rug and wall art. I think I just want to frame this ad for Madeline Weinrib fabrics and use it as art. These are stunning fabrics in Lime Green and Black and I could use them in my outdoor living space this summer. Who doesn't like a calming Blue bedroom from Eastern Accents. I could spend all Sunday Morning in that bed thinking about all the projects I have to get finished. And lastly a bit of Blue and Green tile called Silk Road from New Ravenna. They are custom made tiles in glass and stone. I love the color combination and would use this sparingly in my little home…

Interchangeable Postcard Art

This weekend was glorious and the weather was just right for spray painting. I have numerous frames that I wanted to change to white but really had no plan for what to put into them until I saw my roll of burlap.
I started with two postcards from Hatch Show Prints, Burlap, newly painted frame and a strip of adhesive backed velcro. Then I took a piece of cardboard the size of the frame opening and covered it with the burlap and pressed it into the frame. No glue required as the back of the frame will hold the burlap in place. Next I applied a small piece of velcro to the back of each postcard. The last step was to stick the post card to the burlap and it is done and ready for hanging. Then when you are tired of the this particular postcard, you just pull it off and apply another one.
Then you have new art!  It is so easy to change with the seasons or the holidays. Enjoy!

A Weekend Jewelry List

I think I have a problem. I become obsessed with a item and I can't let it go. Lately it has been jewelry and I can't stop making new items. They are fun, quick easy and I can make numerous pieces in just a few hours. So this weekends list it all about some things I might make.
(1) Dictionary Art Pendants I have an old dictionary that has wonderful images and I cant wait to make some pendants with. Plus some other interesting printed materials from the recycle bin that might be fun as pendants as well (2) Finish some Pendants (yes more) These are actually pendant bails that I ordered from Etsy at a super price and quick shipping. They are difficult to find in my local stores and when I do find them they are expensive. I have tons of ideas (plus some that are done on the craft table already!) (3) Knock Off!  I am in love with this necklace at Ann Taylor loft but not about to pay $40 for it. So I plan to Knock it off with some recycled jewelry pieces as well as possibly some buttons! (…