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Butterfly Pin Revamp

Awhile back I bought a lot of jewelry parts and pieces on Etsy hoping to use some or all its contents for jewelry design. Within the lovely assortment of items was this Butterfly pin. I removed the faux jewels that adorned its wings as well as it's strange eyes and then didn't know what to do with it until I saw this weeks Sunday Paper. See at the bottom the Butterfly Necklace! I think I found my inspiration, although I made my necklace the day before this was in the paper. I used a little bit of Lapis and some glass beads recycle from a vintage necklace. Added a Gun Metal colored chain since I thought it added interest and gave it a vintage feel. Then I experimented with moving the chain and placing the pendant off center.  I think I like the way it looks non-sysmetrical the best. I wasn't much of a Butterfly Jewelry fan before I made this.. But I love this Butterfly Revamp Necklace Enjoy!

Paper, Bead and Chain Jewelry

It's been so unseasonably warm this weekend that it is difficult not to start gardening or cleaning up outside, but it is only March. I decided to use this warm sunny day to take numerous photos of the jewelry I have working on and hopefully can sell some day. For a few I used these antique papers that were intended to be used in card making long ago. Pretty Spring flowers that would be interesting as pendants. Here is my first attempt.  I love the flower and paper combination. Perfect for Spring.. Or for Summer.  I felt I need to make a few more and one I will show at a later date since it was not photo ready. But this one made from discarded maps came out lovely. Too bad it is past St Patrick's day since this would have been perfect! Just a litte Paper,Bead and Chain! Enjoy!

Vintage Fabric Pillowcase Dress

I recently received a bag full of vintage fabrics from a friend and within its contents was this lovely Blue and White Polka Dot fabric. I love the color blue and according to our local Sunday Paper, Polka Dots are a sign of Spring. I  decided to make a little dress for another friends daughter, since her favorite colors are Blue and White. It's a simple pattern that I have made before but every time I am impressed with the results of the Pillowcase dress. Just a little dress for the summer in Size 12 months.
The Polka Dots are not perfect circles but they are no less cute.
Ties on the shoulder for an extra touch of cuteness with a Navy Bow!
Just wish I had a real model to show of the dress and not just my Mannequin.
Extra roomy for this child will be walking in it soon! I can't stop taking picture of it! I want one in my size.
But I guess somethings are just for little girls. Enjoy!

Spring Ribbon Jewelry

It's March and today it feels like January, although I shouldn't complain since there in the North East we have had a very mild Winter with very little snow. But today it is cold and snowy and I am thinking about spring. This year Spring fashion is all about Bright and Stripes. So I thought why not make few bright and striped jewelry pieces. I started by finding some bright Ribbon in my Stash. Next I cut a piece about 10 Inches long and hold over about 1 1/2 inches on each end to make a pocket Then my ribbon was now 7 inches long. The sewed it shut just on one side on each end. Next I used 2 pieces of bronze colored chain that measured 7 1/2" each. Next I cut two pieces 1 inch long and threaded them thru the pockets and linked them up to both chains. Lastly I added a lobster claw to the back and a vintage button to the front and I was done. I have my spring bracelet and it perfect for St Patrick's Day. So easy that I made two more. Simple and Easy.
Bright and Striped…