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Plant Tag Pendants

I have a large collection of plant identification tags that I have accumulated over the many years that I have been gardening. I occasionally look thru them and remind myself of all the beautiful flowers I have planted. As I sorted them I picked a few of my favorites since I had the perfect idea on how to reuse them. Next I got items from my jewelry making stash. Some tiles, bracelet pieces and some buttons. Then after a little cutting,glueing with Mod Podge and sealing Dimensional Magic.. My Plant Tag Pendants were complete! Pretty Button with Tag
English Stock Tag
Tag with tile backer. Zinnia Tag with Button.
 The were easy to create...
and nice reminder of my past gardens.. Enjoy!

Vintage Button Wedding Comb

I was asked by a lovely work colleauge to create a comb for her hair for her destination wedding. She gave me images of the details of the front of her dress to help me create perfect comb.  Beading at front waist and the rest of the dress is simple but very elegant. She had given a comb to use and the rest of my supplies came from my stash of beads,buttons and ribbons. I decided to sew the beads and buttons on to the ribbon first and then laid it across the comb to see how it would fit. Then I started to sew it to the comb and this was now easy task as the the ribbon is large and the teeth of the comb kept catching my thread. I had to take it apart three times just to get it to lay correctly and look nice.  But eventually it was done and delivered to the Bride to be and should could not be happier.  It was fun project since it is something that I have never create before and let me use a bit of my stash! Enjoy!

Fun Felt Bracelets

I recently acquired access to some lovely felt scraps and I have some many ideas on how to use them. But this weekend the weather has been so lovely and my garden has been needing so much attention that I only had time to create a few fun bracelets. I started with a few strips of felt and leathers. Then with a little zig zag stitch in green by bracelets where almost done. I then added a snap to each and my bracelets were done. One with Leather and Felt. And one in just two colors of felt. I am sure I have many projects ahead of me using all of these felt scraps once my gardening is done! Enjoy!