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Happy St Patricks Day Key Necklace

Its been a long cold winter and I have been busy in the studio making jewelry and planning for the upcoming show this Summer and Fall. The ideas keep coming so I keep creating and this was one that just came to me in the last few weeks so I thought I would share. It all started when I was think about shamrocks and how could I make one that would be very simple but unique. I then the ace of clubs came to my mind I thought about cutting a few cards, but I knew I would never be able to cut it out that perfect. So I broke the shape down in to circles. So I cut a few circles with my hole punch from some Encyclopedia Paper and transformed them into Shamrocks. First the Leaves of the Shamrock and then the stem, which is just a sliver of paper. Coat with a few coats of Mod Podge and let dry and a sealer for the top and it was done.  I attached a bead to the bottom and it was ready to adorn a Skelton Key. A lovely St Patricks day Necklace I made a few versions of  the necklace based on the co…