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Planning for the New Year

It's that time again to start planning and making resolutions for the new year. To help keep me on track and organize all of my ideas, I have purchased a planner... There are many planners available at this time of year, but I selected the Commit30 goal setting notebook since it fits with how I want to achieve a few goals. Now I am not being paid to write this about the Commit30 ( and I have just started to use it (see above).I do already feel like I might just be able to keep on track for 30 days. This is the Boss Blue color, size 7" x 10". It arrived with the handy bookmark and a sheet of stickers.Now the fun can begin... I pulled out all my old stickers,paper,pens and glue dots from my scrapbook days and started to decorate the pages of the planner. There are hundreds of stickers styles available at most craft stores for all types off activities. I bought a few at 60% off in the organizing and quote categories. I have several post it notes with sc…