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Ground Hog Day

It silently sneaked up. Ground Hog Day Made popular from the movie. Where the same day is repeated over and over again. At the time of year, it starts to feel like the same day over and over. Same weather, same routine and the recomitment to those New Year's Resolutions that you made a few weeks ago. I can say that I am struggling with mine and all the things I want to achieve this month. It is good time to step back and not be so critical. Have you a achieved part of what you had on your list? I can say yes, there are a few things, but not all. I guess it is a good time to celebrate those small steps. So I award you (and me) for keeping some of those resolutions. And if you need to restart, then make Ground Hog day your new beginning.
It's a short month so there is hope for all of us!


This is a creative challenge and is just the challenge I need. This event originated in Philadelphia and is celebrating it's14th Anniversary this January. ( It's a challenge to create something everyday in January. But here in Buffalo, the same events is being held but it will runs thru February, since it is the down month for festivals, until March begins and festival season begins. I am rising to this challenge and will either make something each day or make one thing and work on it everyday in February.  It might be something made from books or book pages, or with my bead stash, Our my yarn stash... I think I see a trend on what I might be focusing on. Be sure to check back for updates. February is just over a little week away! Enjoy, Janet

Are you a Dinosaur?

Are you a Dinosaur? Are you extinct? Or are you a Cookie Jar? Recently I have felt more and more like a Dinosaur. And it's not only about getting old. It's about having and attitude like a Dinosaur. Not sure if it is bad or good. Dinosaurs probably are misunderstood? Right?
Dinosaurs can be fun and scary at the same time. Cute and useful. They like coffee and can be fashionable.
Fun at Valetine's Day. And can have their own Restaurants.. I am partial to the T-rex and not because I have short arms, but I think she might be misunderstood.  So if you see a T-rex or someone who acts like one, remember that they are passion about who they are and what they do. They just show it with T-Rex attitude.
Enjoy Janet


Inspiration It comes in many forms for me. This is my old schools Pinterest board that decorates my studio cork board. Things I would like to make, buy or recreate. It usually involves Christmas decorations or sewing projects cut from magazines or catalogs. I see these images and think... I can make that for less than the cost. So far, all of these have not been made, but there is always this year.  The above images is from the Candle Light Processional at Was Disney World this past this past December.It was a reading of the Christmas story by Neil Patrick Harris accompanied by some of the countries most talented singers and musicians. A lovey presentation of music and singing with audience participation in the singing of Silent Night. Although I am not a religious person, this was an inspiring event that gave me goosebumps and brought me to tears. Even now writing about, weeks later it, it still has the same effect. I can barely talk about without getting teared up. Recycling junk i…

Good Bye 2017, Hello 2018

Hello 2018, it's nice to see your Shiny New Face. My hope is for a New Year of Adventure and Exploration. Look for me here at least once a week, blogging on my adventures. Happy New Year!
Enjoy Janet