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New Years Weekend List

This weekend list has a few New Year's resolutions thrown in just to make me stick to my list and get more done this year. So let's get to it!

(1) Learn how to use my camera and take better photos. I have my wonderful Canon Rebel XS for over six months and have rarely taken the setting off of Auto.  I have wonderful book to read on the subject and have to make the time to sit down and really learn how to use this awesome camera. Also to take better photos for my blog and try to incorporate what I learn into my blog as well. (Photo, sunrise 12-31-10)
(2) Show you the results of all my projects that I blog about on Fridays. This is a bit behind the scenes that you all probably won't see. It has more about me planning time,what I blog about and what I get done. Most of the time it is a scramble for me to get more than three good projects done over the weekend, so I just need to plan better (photo of before of my latest project with book pages). (3) Organize. Wow do I have a list…


Today I am a little late posting since I am on vacation for a few days and got a late start. I have been thinking a lot over the holiday about the year to come. What will it bring and what do I want to bring to it. I hope to have a great list tomorrow combining both, so for now I must go and make sure I can't get it all down on paper before I forget! Enjoy!

Knit One, Purl Two

I have been thinking lately about breaking out my knitting needles again. The inspiration came from a lovely handmade hat a work colleague received as a Christmas gift. It was quite lovely and intricate and looked to me far beyond my skill level, But the I remember I had these images and directions from 2004 stashed away in my someday file.
Just a couple of cute hats, one with a nice little cable down the front and the other with an oh so lovely Fair Isle pattern. They don't look to difficult to make and they would be perfect in the cold and windy weather that we are enjoy now. Or I could make this wonderful scarf with some fun Pompoms on the end. Not his looks even easier with it's straight lines and easy pattern of Knit one, Purl one.The pompoms are easy as well, just wrap around your fingers and tie in the middle,trim and fluff. Okay the urge to get the needles out is getting stronger,just need to find the right project. Then I came across these in Southern Living January 201…

New Year's Poinsettia? or Work in Progress?

Christmas is over and now it is time to move on to the New Year.  But in the interim I came up with a craft to combined the two holidays. First I started with a old t-shirt that I cut int two leaf shapes.
Next I arranged them into a flower like form. Then I sewed a pin back on the the backside of the form. I was left with this droopy flower that looks a little odd. Next I trimmed it a little and then sprayed it once with a mixture of Mod Podge and water and let it dry for two days and then sprayed it again and let it dry. I then added and antique bead for interest and I have by New Year's Poinsettia.  It looks a bit like a Octopus or Medusas Hair! It probably needs a little tweaking in the design department but with few slight changes I think I am on to something for the new year. I can see this pinned to a hat or headband. I think I will work with this a little more and see that I come up with! Enjoy!

Weekend Christmas List

I know it is only Thursday but it is time for the Weekend List and since it is a Holiday weekend, I really don't have much planned in crafting department. I plan to sit back and relax and enjoy my tree.
Watch presents being opened and happy faces. Then after all the festivities are over, sit back and watch some nice old 80's movies! Have a Wonderful Weekend and a Lovely Christmas!

Argyle Christmas Tree Forest

I came across these lovely Argyle Trees on Etsy this week and could not pass them up. You can buy then here at Lollibags as a download along with a huge assortment of other Holiday inspired digital images. I chose the Argyle Trees since they are close relative to my Favorite pattern plaid.
I wasn't sure what I was going to make with the but they are so cute I had to do something right away. I took a dollar store frame. Then I just cut out all the trees that I thought I would need and arrange them in a forest.  Then arrange them in a the frame, so easy and cute. This is a great craft for a child since there is limited cutting and it is mostly straight cuts. Cute as a gift for Teachers or Grandparents since who wouldn't love a Christmas forest. I think this would be very cute with each tree individually framed in white for a more modern look. Some many ways to use this lovely digital images that I will have to make sure to remember next year! So go download your own forest! and Enj…

Modern Log Cabin

When I think of a Log cabin I imagine a roaring fire and big comfortable furniture in a snow covered forest. Now when I try to think of a Modern Log cabin, I have a difficult time envisioning clean lines and logs. But thanks to Maratha Stewart Living, I no longer have to strain my brain.
This is so beautiful that it brought goose bumps to my arms. I had never thought of using colors in this pattern to make it looks so modern. I am in love with this lemon and grey combination and I am  going to try to use it in my home some how this winter. It is amazing how this pattern can be changed and refreshed to look so different. This will be going on my list for the New Year when all the decorations are put away and I need something new. So for now I will just think of a Modern Log Cabin and how it can be different! Enjoy!

Ready for Christmas

I think I am ready for Christmas. This past weekend I finished up a few details and I think I am ready to sit back and relax and watch the cookies get eaten and the presents be opened. The cookies finally got frosted this weekend and I usually don't like my own baking but they are really good.
Just a basic spritz cookie with Almond frosting.  Makes we want to have one right now with morning Coffee. The presents also came out fabulous as well. I wrapped as I watched my Alma Mater lose the Division 3 football title. Oh well they have only won it ten times, so it wasn't too sad. My wrapping was not hindered by the loss and turned out lovely. Now I am all set for Christmas and there is even snow on the ground so we are sure to have a white Christmas! Enjoy!

Just a Weekend List

This weekend I just have a few things to do since Christmas is just a week away and all my decorating is just about done. But I still have a few Christmas related projects that must be done before next Saturday. So here we go.
(1) This was on last weeks list, but I must wrap presents this weekend. I always leave this event for this particular Saturday since it always coincides with item 2 on my list.
(2) My Alma mater, Mount Union, is playing in the Almos Alonzo Stagg Bowl in Salem,VA on Saturday at 3:30. They have won it several times but still get excited to watch! Go Purple Raiders! (3) Finish up this work in progress that I blogged about this week. Hopefully without any further injuries to my hands or fingers.
(4) These leaves of grey that have been sitting on my craft table for a few weeks. I have an idea just needed to work thru the details. And that is it for the weekend list and what I might have planned and I might add a few more things! Enjoy and have a lovely weekend!

Plaid for Next Year

I have been thinking about Christmas decorations for next year since I keep seeing new ideas that I like in magazines. One of my favorites and a classic is plaid. It reminds me of Christmas past since it is so traditional. And of course in Southern Living this month there is a two page spread of plaid. A bit over the top for my taste but gives me a few good ideas for next year.
Maybe just a plaid pillow and some pajamas will do the trick to tame the plaid bug. Or some other accessories might help, like shoes or maybe just a book on Tartan. Well I have a whole year to think about it so I have time to decided until I see next years magazines! For now I will file this away for future reference. Enjoy!

What could it be - Work in progress

I started a project this weekend that began looking like this bag of corks.

The I used a little glue and a very hot glue gun. Progressed with glueing corks together to form this. Then the most disastrous thing happened, I seriously burned the end of my finger with glue. Well that stopped the crafting in its tracks as it became uncomfortable to even try to pick up a cork. Along with the fact that I was also using utility knife, I thought it was best to stop. It has gotten a lot better but is on the tip of my finger and makes it difficult to type. Well this project, I swear will be completed over the weekend since it is a Holiday Craft. So Enjoy this and come back next week when I finish!

Christmas Past

I think about Christmas past every year at this time. It's probably because I getting older and long for simpler days of what Christmas really means. Like listening to the Firestone Christmas records sitting near the tree. We found a set of these at an awesome garage sale over the summer and had to have them. I remember listening to Sleigh Ride and bouncing on the good living room chairs with my sister when no one was looking. They are a classic and although they are a bit beat up, I still want to listen to them. I also miss the pure joy of a child to simple gift. As seen in this photo (yeah that is me) with my older sister, being so excited about a inflatable Santa! What joy in that little face! So simple and sweet. So enjoy some memories from Christmas past and remember what it was like to be excited about Christmas morning and the first snow fall. It only is here once a year! Enjoy!

More Book Page Art

After finishing my Christmas cards I had so much shredded book page paper left. I couldn't just throw it out and had to make something out of it. So I started thinking about other images that represent Christmas and yesterday while watching a movie, I came up with these two ideas.
A Wreath. This took a little planning and did not come out exactly as I wanted, but once I added the ow it looked like a wreath. A little bit of double sided tape and a double mat and I have a piece of holiday art. Then I had an idea that has been rolling around in my head for a few years. Just a simple tree that reminds me of the Swedish straw ornaments that my mother always had on our tree. Simple,easy and recycling projects too! Enjoy!

Weekend Repeat List

This weeks list is all about repeating some things from the last few weeks that I haven't finished up yet. I owe it to myself to get these done since I like the feeling of accomplishment and hate a long list.

(1) I seriously need to bake this weekend and now I have the time allotted on Saturday. Just need to get the ingredients and get baking.

(2) Wrap a few presents and get them under the tree. The tree is all decorated and done, but my front door wreath is somewhat done other than the lights that need to be lit (need to hide the hideous cord for the lights) (3) Put this tree art in my Etsy Shop along with some others that I have been working on. That poor neglected store needs some a little help. Well that is it since I have so many other things on my list but these are the most urgent and have been hanging aground for the last few weeks. Have a Great Weekend and Enjoy!

Baby It's Cold Outside

Today it is 14 degrees and I don't fee like leaving the house. Winter is not glamorous but magazines love to make us think that it is. Keeping warm and looking stylish do not go together, well at least not in my book. Take gloves for example. I have a basic pair of black fleece gloves but maybe I should have a gilded pair likes these.
At $95 and $350 for either pair, I think I could buy a lot more than gloves for that price. Then there are boots, mine are brown sueded Sketchers from about two years ago, comfortable and warm. Or I could consider these for a mere $400 from JCrew. Then there are Sweaters and mine (mostly from Old Navy) are not Cashmere. But if you must keep warm than Cashmere it needs to be. Still I am not ready to part with $195 for the least expensive on this page.Oh well, I guess it is layers for me like it always has been, can't seem to update my cold weather image to something more expensive or fashionable since it doesn't make it any warm when I step outsi…

Christmas Card Revealed - Spoiler Alert

My Christmas cards are finally done and some put in the mail yesterday! The inspiration came from a handful of shredded paper.
I had previously used the paper to make book trees, but had so much left over I knew there had to be something I could make with it. The the inspiration hit as I was sitting at my sewing machine and I knew this idea would be great.  I love them since they combine everything that I love do to. Sewing,recycling,reusing and creating! I also love to read as well and it did bother me some to shred a book, but it was old and not in good condition. It was quite simple to make and sorry I don't have photos of the process, but I do have more photos of the end result. So cute that it could be framed and used for next Christmas. I also will be offering it in my Etsy shop along with this version that I made yesterday on my lunch hour! I just love how this turned out and will offer this in my shop as well. It definitely has been a season of trees for me this year. I hope t…

Christmas Decoration Updates

Every year I try to add or change Christmas decorations. Last year I changed to a silver and gold theme with my spray painted twine trees.
Also last year I added some tall reed like branches, some with a silver and glitter finish. Looking at this now,it looks so bare,dark and boring. But that has changed this year, since I add just a few more things. Now it is bright and and feels more like a Christmas Decoration. Just a few additions of gold and silver ornaments and a gilded reindeer make the display complete. Now all I have to do is sit back and enjoy it!