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A Little Organization, Please!

With my collection of beads,buttons and findings growing for my jewelry creating, I found it necessary to revamp my organization so I could spend less time searching for something. This was how I was organizing most of my items in mismatch of clear plastic containers and never knowing exactly what I had. So it was time for a better system. I looked at a few craft store and found one that I really liked. This one was at Michael's and for $44.95 I probably could have purchased it with a 50% coupon to get it at a better price. It had a flip top lid and three removable trays. But I knew I could find a better one and at a more reasonable price. And I did! I found this tool organizer at Harbor Freight for $17.99 and it was on sale for $13.99. Now if you sign up for their newsletter or look online you can find coupons for 20% off.  It is the perfect solution and size. I purchased two since I knew I needed room to expand and could not pass up a great deal. The top has a extra sturdy hand…

Olympic Inspired Bracelet

Let the games begin! I love the the Olympics for the competition, the drama, the stories and hearing the National anthem of little known countries. I felt inspired to make something to show my enthusiasm as the games are about to begin. So I started with a few pieces of felt, some silver rings and two bracelet ends Next I cut the felt it to 1/4 inch width strips in the colors of the rings. The ring colors represent the five continents that participate in the games. Then I took the five rings and looped them together in a chain. Next I looped the felt pieces thru the end of chain on both ends. And then trimmed so that it was about 2 1/2 Inches long. I then placed the end pieces it to the bracelet end and crimped it closed. This was the toughest part as you have to make sure all your ends are secure when you crimp. I repeated the process on the other side and my bracelet was almost complete. Lastly I attached a chain and a lobster claw so it would be easy to wear. And it was done! Read…

Dollar Store Clipboard Makeover

I search my house for a clipboard this weekend. I know I have one somewhere or I might have given in away, so I made a trip to the Dollar Store since I had a makeover idea. I pulled together some of supplies from my craft stash, including an old Road Atlas, Mod Podge and adhesive backed felt. My Clipboard looked awfully sad and cheap and need of a makeover. I started by finding a map page that was large enough to cover my clipboard and it just happened to be Minnesota. Next I laid it out over my board and folded where the clip started. Next I marked it with a pencil on both sides so I knew where to cut. Drawing a line right to the edge. Next I cut on the line to the fold and made sure it fit sung. Then I cut along the fold and cut the top piece so it fit and lined up behind the clip. Next I covered the entire board with Mod Podge. And applied the paper,making sure to get out all the wrinkles. Then I flipped it over and folded down all the edges and glued. Then applied my adhesive bac…

Easy Beaded Wrap Bracelet

I have seen these bracelets everywhere and came very close to buying one. But I knew I could possibly make one for much less and it didn't look that difficult.  I started by purchasing 2mm leather cording and the beads came from my stash. I tried to figure it out a few times on my own but then I found this awesome tutorial on Make It/Fake It with step by step images to guide you thru the process. I used beading thread instead of fishing wire since that is what I had on hand. You start with a button and the top and start your bead. It went along pretty well, but it does take time to perform the beading correctly. I taped the top and the bottom of my cording to the table so it was easier to wrap the thread around and bead without everything rolling around. Once I was done I tied off the thread and made the super easy closure. Just knot where you end and make sure you loop fits over your button (I had to take a few beads off to make mine fit). Then my bracelet was done and ready to …

Summer Modern Art Pendants

I love Modern Art and I love recycling so it seems perfectly natural that I should want to create something with a little influence of each. I decided the best way to combine them both would be to create a few pendants. I started with some Vintage Dominoes,bright colored paper, large jump rings and some pendant bails. I cut the paper to size and affixed and sealed with Mod Podge. Then I used my jump rings to create designs and then cover it all with Dimensional Magic. Super easy and my pendants were complete. Geometric and purple  Stripes and Green
Pink and Lime Green  So easy and uses leftover scraps and beads. Just a little Modern Art for your neck! Enjoy!