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Dollar Store Tray Makeover

A couple of weeks ago I picked up two clear plastic trays from the Dollar Store.
I had two ideas to make them a unique home decor item and both involved fabric scraps. The first one I decided to cover in burlap that I had left over from Christmas. With a little Mod Podge and a few clothespins, I had a burlap covered tray. I thought it need a little something, so added a simple flower stencil. Then I stenciled with black paint and it was done. Now I placed it on my nightstand to keep everything I need close by and organized. The second tray I covered in a nice green Fleur de Lis pattern. And placed it on my dresser to keep my Jewelry,rings and nailpolish all in one place. They are super easy to create with just a little piece of fabric, Mod Podge and a few days to let them dry and the results are a custom tray to match your decor! Enjoy!
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A "What Are You Going to Make With That" Weekend List

It's been a busy week so my brain has not had much time to daydream but it did come up with a few ideas for the weekend. The list looks likes this.
(1) A guilty pleasure of mine and can eat the whole can if I am not supervised,so let's say I have a few of these empties around and think it's time to recycle them into a craft (the can that is, not the chips) (2) Old Quilt top that I might turn into something to sell in my etsy shop? (3) This project has been on my list for awhile just need to work on a design to keep hangers organized. (4) Some fabric art for spring that will use up some of my scraps. That is my list and I need to finish this up and head out the door into yet another winter storm! Can Spring be close by? I hope! Enjoy!

Scrap Fabric Projects with Fabric from Tonic Living

Yes, I am writing about Tonic Living again today since they offer two different bundles of scraps that you can get at awesome prices. They have primo pieces and scrappy scraps of some their great fabrics.
And here are some of the projects I have made with their lovely scraps. A pieced scrap pillow Super easy and stylist headbands Cute Summer Tote bag Initial Pendants with Fabric background. Mini wallets Looking at all those images, I still can't believe all the items that I have made from Tonic Living scraps. They have also graciously offered my loyal readers a 10% discount when you enter JANET at checkout. So take look at what they have to offer and see what you can make with their wonderful selection of fabrics Enjoy!

What I Saw Wednesday - Pantone color 17-2031 Fuchsia Rose

I am continuing my study of Pantone colors of the year. Today I will be looking at Fuchsia Rose which was the color of the year in 2001
Now not one of my favorite colors to look at, wear or have in my home, but I have noticed it does have a big influence in clothing,advertising and home goods especially at this time of year. It's Valentines's Day and Spring combined into one color. I first noticed it on a page of an Ulta  catalog. Not only it the wording in Fuchsia Rose, but the products are in the color as well and such a nice contrast against the lemony yellow. Certainly makes me think of spring and look at the ad just a tad longer. Then I noticed that I seem to have fabrics in this color as well in my stash. Some lovely Brenda Pinnick fabric that I won as a giveaway and it is really beautiful and I have used it for a few projects. The colors are vibrant and almost tropical and makes me think of Summer. The color has also influenced home accents and fashion as well. From silky r…

Bedroom Update - New Pillows with Fabric From Tonic Living

With the recent addition to our bedroom with a Flor rug, it has forced a change in the decor in the room. Now with the rugs whites and tans the room need colors that compliment it. I decided on this lovely pattern from Tonic Living, Bodega in Chocolate for my main fabric.
First I sewed up a couple pillows for the bed. The fabric is so easy to work with and sewed like dream. I then made a bolster type pillow with some other fabrics and topstitched each square. Just a few scraps leftover from other projects that I turned into a interesting bolster that introduced some new colors to the room. It was easy to create, just figure out what length you want and divided by the size of the strip and then divide by the number of colors.  Then you will get the number of strips you will need of each color. So super easy and fun that I made on large one for the chair in the bedroom.
So go and check out Tonic Living, the have a great selection of fabrics and they will also make custom items too! Enjoy!

A Fabric,Leather,Glass & Paper Weekend List

This weekend's list consists of many different materials I would like to work with and the projects that I might make with them. Here is the list of my materials.
(1) Fabric. I have some great fabrics that I am working with to update my living room and bedroom. They are all pretty fun and can't wait to show the results.
(2) Leather. Some leather strips that I have some great ideas for interesting jewelry. (3) Glass. A canning jar that I have an idea for that would be a cute teacher gift or shower favor. (4) Paper. I have an idea that involves coral and paper. Without giving it away, come back next week and see what I come up with. Now that is my material list for the weekend and so now I need to gather up my supplies and start working on my designs! Come back next week and see what I create. Enjoy!

Inspiration Board

I get inspiration for ideas from things I see everyday. My brain gets an idea and takes off in so many directions that sometimes I can't write them down fast enough. I also mark pages in Magazines and books hoping to refer to them later, but never do. That is why I need a Inspiration board.
 I have this huge board in my office and I think this will work just fine, but need to work on the design before I share it.  One of the first things I would add to the board would be from Ready Made Magazine.
This is a Showroom Nook of Erica Wiener who creates vintage inspired accessories. I love no only what she makes but the way it is presented and displayed. Another inspiration comes from another of my favorite magazines, Southern Living. This is Spruce in Austin,Tx that repurposes and save furniture from landfills. You can even take a class to learn how to reupholster your own chair. This inspires me to recycle more,learn to upholster and understand that unique ideas can becomes businesses. N…

What I Saw Wednesday - Clouds & the Sky

I have this love affair with clouds and the sky. I am mesmerized by the formations and the colors that they create. It may just be the time of year since we don't see much sun over the winter and when it does shine it could possibly be skewing my vision. But I don't think that is true since over many years I have taken numerous photos of the sky and they haven't been in winter and they haven't been at home. Kenswick Hall,VA North Myrtle Beach,SC Ogunquit,ME Carolina Beach,NC I think that they are all still lovely, years and months after I captured them. Everyday at home I see a different sky and I think that is why I enjoy it, since it is always changing and displaying something new. Look at the sky today and see if you know what I mean. Enjoy!

Paper & Bead Pendants

I have been working on paper and bead pendants for a few weeks now. Using old book pages and recycled beads from disassembling old necklaces and bracelets. Each one is unique and it is fun to create new designs. Here are just a few that I have been working on..

Initials are always in Style.
Antique Venetian Glass and Paper What words can say. Holiday inspired. Recycled beads I think I love making jewelry as much as I like wearing it so these were simply enjoyable to create. I am thinking about possibly placing them in my etsy store? (there now in my shop!) What do you think? Just to share them and let others enjoy as well!