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Time for a change

This little blog was so in need of update. I have been thinking about it so much during the last year and finally it was time. I started this blog almost 4 years ago this week to try find an outlet for my creativity. I know now that writing is not one of those outlets, but I love to create and try hard to explain the process on how I have created.Blogging has also changed over the last 4 years and if you are a blogger or read them you already know it is a different blog world today. I have not blogged as much in the last two years since I really have found something I like to create. This past year I have been busy making jewelry and selling at shows. This takes up a lot of my time that I would normally be creating,sewing and blogging. I have although made all my display and fitted tablecloths, so I still am making other things. I have a few post in the next couple weeks planned and I think they will be enjoyable. Please keep reading here at my newly designed page and you can follow …