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Recycled Map Art

Years ago I had the wonderful opportunity to visit the Island of Capri and recently I rediscovered maps and mementos from that trip. One particular map was so lovely that I knew I need to display it.
So I decided to use a little cardboard and MDF that was part of some packaging to use to create my art. I started with my Map of Capri and a few other basic road maps. Next I cut the two long pieces of MDF off and use the center piece for my large map and the two smaller pieces for my road maps. Added a little Mod Podge and basic picture hangers and my art was finished. They look great on my bedroom wall and the colors are just perfect. The remind me that there are plenty of places to see and numerous more to visit. And they make a interesting back drop for my travel inspired jewelry. Enjoy!

In Honor of Earth Day - Reuse

One of my favorite activities to keep my brain creatively thinking, is to look at discardable object and see I if I can find a use for it. Remaking,recreating or reusing has been a theme that fuels many of my craft projects,so today on Earth day, I have a few to share. I am always surprised by packaging and how a perfectly good piece of plastic may end up in the recycle bin or the garbage. For example, this Wash Bag from tide, a $5 item packaged in some really nice re-useable plastic that I knew I could use for something. Then I came across buttons at an Estate Sale for a steal and did not want to pass them up. The two were combined to create this.. My Earth Day Necklace, Recycled plastic disks and Buttons.  A little green and a little green! The next project was to use up those pesky Plastic Wine corks. Not sure why I have so many of them (ha!) but I keep everyone since I knew I would eventually find a use for them and my brain finally did. I made a cute little pin cushion and filled…

Travel Inspired Jewelry

After being on Vacation it takes a good long week to get back in the groove again. I have been busy working on jewelry and everything I have been making has a travel inspired look and feel. First is my Shell necklace from the shores of the Gulf Coast. Lovely with Silver. Second in Down under Map. With Green Ceramic Beads,Pearls and Antique brass Chain. And Lastly Dreaming of Paris. In Gunmetal and Crystal beads. They all make me want to travel more and soon! Enjoy!

Fancy Ribbon Straight Pins

I use straight pins for more than just sewing and they seem to disappear rather quickly. It is wonderful that they come in a large variety of colors... and designs. But I just can't seem to get myself to spend $4.00 on a package of them. So I decided to make my own Fancy Ribbon straight pins.  I started with just a few pins and some leftover ribbon.. Then I sewed a little square,leaving one side open.  Then I inserted a pin just before I closed up the square.  Lastly I cut and trimmed the ribbon on both sides.   Fancy Ribbon Straight pin was done! They are fairly addictive to make and made several in a just few minutes. They come in handy not only for sewing but for securing my jewelry during photo shoots.. and easy to see when you drop them in the lawn! Enjoy!

Back from the Beach

I am back from the beach and my brain had a lovely rest since the only thing it had to think about was if it was too hot and was time to get in the pool. Now it has rested and has come up with some great ideas for the Spring and Summer! Enjoy!