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Ipad Pillow Stand

I like to watch tutorials on my Ipad and although I have a cover that converts to a stand, it isn't always the best solution for viewing. So I decided to make one of my own inspired by these Iphone stands I found on Etsy.
They are sold by dognamedbanjo and are really unique and lovely.
So I thought I could make one similar to it and here is how i did it.
First I started with a 1 yard of a fabric in my two favorite colors.
Then I cut the following pieces
1 Pc 13" x 13"
1 pc 29 x 13"
2 Triangle pieces 13" x 13" x 13"
Next I sewed the top square to the two triangles. This is will be the sides and the base.
Next I took the large rectangular piece and sewed it to the bottom of the square.
Now I don't have photos of the last few steps since once it start forming a pillow it is difficult to photograph, but the process is not that difficult.
Next I sewed each side of the the rectangle to one side of the triangle on both sides.
Then repeated the same process on the other side
Lastly leaving open the bottom to stuff.
This is what is looked like before stuffing.
Then I stuffed it, not too full since I wanted my Ipad to sit in the pillow and not on it.
I think it looks great and perfect for viewing some of my favorite tutorials.

 Now I can view it from several different places in my craft room.

And it was Super easy to make!



  1. Wow what a cute idea! I love it! My husband's birthday is coming up, maybe I'll try making this for his ipad. Love it!

  2. I love this!! I will have to make one for my hubby <3 Thanks so much for linking up ANOTHER FABULOUS project. I'm so glad I follow you ;)
    "Kiss Me I'm Irish" linky party is open!

  3. What a genius idea and I am in love with that fabric! Pretty and practical. My favorite combo.

  4. Thank you so much for this pattern. I've been looking for a perfect way to hold my iPad in bed and tonight I have just made this fantastic pillow.

  5. I have been looking for something like this - thank you. I cannot wait to make it..

  6. Thank you so much for thus idea, just saw it on Pinterest. My boyfriend has been wishing for something like this for his Nook, and his bday is coming up! Wonderful idea, thank you!!

  7. Thank you so much for thus idea, just saw it on Pinterest. My boyfriend has been wishing for something like this for his Nook, and his bday is coming up! Wonderful idea, thank you!!

  8. Thank you so much for thus idea, just saw it on Pinterest. My boyfriend has been wishing for something like this for his Nook, and his bday is coming up! Wonderful idea, thank you!!

  9. can you tell me what you used for the stuffing inside the pillow,

  10. I used just regular stuffing that I bought at Joann's

  11. Hi Janet - I'm nearly done making my own pillow, but I can't figure out how you finished yours? Any suggestions on closing it after stuffing? Thanks for the idea & post!

  12. I wish I knew how to post the pic I just took of my amorphous pointy iPad pillow. Clearly I did something wrong. Starting again!

  13. Love the little dress form in the picture, did u make that too?

  14. You could stuff it with corn cob pellets, freeze the pillow, and Tada' you have an ipadchillo!

  15. the measurements are off. I am in the middle of making mine and when matching up the long sides of the rectangles with the triangles, there is an excess of 3 and 1/2 inches! Did you have the same issue?

    1. Sorry I never replied to this.. looks like it is off by 3 inches

  16. I added a zipper to one triangle so I can adjust the filling ... I also ended up with extra 3 inches... I put that at the top of the triangle then sewed up to each point on the top of the triangle then from that point sewed up to the fold. I then stuffed it an sewed across that to make that part the tablet sits on in the different fabric picture

    1. Thank you for the update. Great Idea and possible I made an error with my measurements

  17. Nice! Thank you for the tutorial! I made one for my own ;-)


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