Three Gifts

When I graduated from High School some twenty years or more ago I was given three gifts by my parents. Being the youngest of five girls, I knew what two would most likely be. One would be a piece of jewelry (mine were pearls, not real) and one would be a Cross pen (I guess to fill out job applications with or write all those papers in college with). The last gift was something usually specific and personal with a lot of thought put in to its selection. Mine was a Canon AE-1 35 mm Camera. I was (and am still) completely surprised by this gift since it was so very expensive and I really didn't think that my parents could afford it. I had been using their camera to take some photos over the years and I guess they felt that I needed to have a good camera to keep taking photos and develop that talent. I can say that I used it for many years and took some exceptional images with it. I use a digital camera now since they are much smaller and lighter but not of this caliber. My current camera miss the mark on detail and focus. I will continue to miss the photos that my Canon took and the detail that it captured. The above photos were taken in 1984 on a trip to Scotland with my mother. They still look amazing to me.


  1. Wow! Such unique flowers and very well captured I might add. Well done!


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