Mood Meadow for Monday

I am kind of stuck on the word mood today. It actually happened last night with the approach of the end of the weekend and Monday Morning. I am now going to call Monday, Mooday, Since I am usually not in particularly happy mood on Monday. I try not to obsess about Mooday but it makes it way in to things I create. Mood was also present this weekend in the painting that completed that has been rolling around in my brian for a few weeks. First I drew some inspiration from a painting I found online(seen at right) and Second I selected my colors and canvas size. I really love the way the colors blend and move on the canvas.The size (22" x 28")is the largest I have every created and will find a home on my wall once I find a suitable frame. It is colorful and full of emotion and looks like a meadow. So it will be called Mood Meadow For Monday. Enjoy Mooday!


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