Painting on the Brain

You probably have heard of water on the brain, I think I have paint on the brain. I am getting the itch to paint again and not sure which type it is this time. I have this desire to paint our living room a wonderful color that I like to call Suntanned Pumpkin. I have yet to come across the exact color that this describes so I will keep looking and painting will be put on hold. The other color that I have fallen in love with is this room in a Key West Cottage. It is called quite simply Peach Pink by Benjamin Moore. I love it with the Lime Green and White, I am just not sure it will work in my home so far from Key West and might look silly in the dead of winter. 

                                                       The other painting that I am 
thinking of is this semi abstract flower piece. I do have a tiny bit of ability to reproduce paintings that I like. I might try this one of another one this weekend if the paint will stay on my brain until then!


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