What about Maps?

On my recent trip to Cincinnati, we only used a GPS to direct us to our destination. I was thinking how strange it was not to follow our progress on a paper map. How will I know where I am if it is not on a slab of paper? On every family trip we always had a map and an inevitably an argument would start on who would read and hold the map. It was the ultimate prize and the closest thing to being the actual driver since you were in control of the directions. So traveling for me without a map is like leaving a essential vacation item behind. I can say that I still like maps since you can see the big picture and how close you are to other cities or points of interest. I know the GPS does this to but not in the same tactile way a paper map does. I tend to collect maps too when we traveling. It is a memory of where you were and you can flip it open and look at the places you have been. Recently I was working on a project for our hallway and decided to use some of my maps as mats for photos. I cut the maps so that the they matched the location of the photo. I think it was a great use of the maps and I also recycled. I am not sure you could do that with a GPS! 


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