Bronze Pumpkin with Cream

I think I may have found the color for our living room. It might be influenced by the season since it is a pumpkin color and the last time I painted out living room was around Halloween as well. I discover the color by accident. I had a coupon for 2 free sample jars of paint from Benjamin Moore. I just wanted to make sure I really wanted orange so I got two that I thought would be close. Although I had already had both of the paint chips at home and didn't like either.

Top center is the Pumpkin Cream and bottom right is Bronze Tone. One has more red and the other has more yellow. I really didn't like either of them since they aren't Sunned Tanned Pumpkin..but when I put them on the wall..... they seem to look the same. Pumpkin Cream on left and Bronze tone on right. They are still wet and the shine is throwing of the color as well as the Pumpkin Cream will need a base coat or multiple coats for good coverage. This is only for two accent walls and not the entire room since I think it would be just too much color. I will post tomorrow what they look when dry and in different light. Another possibility is to combine the two and get Bronze Pumpkin with Cream..not to far from Suntanned Pumpkin with sunscreen!


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