Getting Organized Sound of Music Style Part 2

In my on going attempt to create and not spend any money,I have found yet another item I could make from leftover fabric from the unused bedskirt. This time it was a table runner to freshen up my kitchen. I had some leftover black and white check fabric that I decided to incorporate with the green. Just a rough measurement of what I thought would look good and then just sewed a hem. Ironed and starched to make it look nice and fresh and here it is on the table. One more item made from the bed skirt! Still have some fabric left so I am sure I will make something else,just not clothes to rop around Austria in!


  1. Cute runner, Janet! How about a matching waist apron? I have a ton of patterns (although I've never been good at following any of them!)

  2. I have not been good at reading them either. Usually make it up as I go along. Now that we will have a new oven I might need an apron since David has requested cake!


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